M.I.C. Rock Festival is also M.I.C. Book! Recalls concert on 2018 in the Open Air Theater of Villapiana Sunday January 17 2021, 6:37 PM
M.I.C. Rock Festival is also M.I.C. Book! Recalls concert on 2018 in the Open Air Theater of Villapiana

M.i.C. Rock Festival is also M.i.C. Book, a 128-page volume in Italian and English that recalls the concert held on 4 August 2018 in the Open Air Theater of Villapiana, in the province of Cosenza (Italy), featuring Lacuna Coil, Joe Stump’s Tower of  Babel, Elegy of Madness, Break Me Down, Lost Reality, and Il Genere.

M.i.C. Book is not only rock/metal, but also an ancient history of music, mythology, archeology, poetry and folklore; in fact, it contains many photos, in addition to those of the M.i.C. Rock Festival concert, depicting archaeological sites and finds of Magna Graecia, medieval monuments and evocative landscapes of the Calabria Region. It is embellished with the "Horns Up!" made by cartoonists of the Roman School of Comics that illustrates the culture of the gesture of the horns, an identifying symbol of metal music whose authorship is attributed to Ronnie James Dio, and is introduced by two articles written by Dorian Cara and Mistheria (keyboardist for Bruce Dickinson and producer at Vivaldi Metal Project).

M.i.C. Book was created by the non-profit association Apollo'n'Arts, based on an idea by Salvatore Azzolino Fernàndez, in collaboration with the historian and art critic Dorian Cara, the Milanese art gallery Studiolo Fine Art, the hyper-realistic artist Antonio Marino, the Neapolitan graphics designer Nello Dell’Omo, and various photographers.

M.i.C. Book is distributed by the Apollo'n'Arts association and can also be downloaded for free: https://www.edizioniefesto.it/collane/in-artem/434-m-i-c-book

Info: microckfestival@gmail.com, +39 3663038771 (Salvatore Totò Azzolino Fernàndez), +39 3281374533 (Giuseppe Atene).


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