Mountain Hermit/Silenced Minstrel Split 2021 Sunday January 17 2021, 4:28 PM
Mountain Hermit/Silenced Minstrel Split 2021

We would deeply appreciate it If you could spread a word for our split Mountain Hermit (Italy) and Silenced Minstrel (Malaysia). It will be released on cd format from the Satanica productions, on the 22nd of January. Later this year we will get a tape format for our split from our split and we will be on every digital music store and streaming platform. So far I can only provide you with the artwork, track-list and a YouTube link from Satanica Productions channel where you can take a taste of our split. Probably some time before the release date we will show you the EP, by means of appreciation. 

The name of the split is called “Dark Musings Of The Ages” 

Track list:

-1- Mountain Hermit - "Among Trees" (07:06)
-2- Mountain Hermit - "Towers in the Storm" (08:00)
-3 - Mountain Hermit - "Transilvanian Hunger" (Darkthrone Cover) (06:10)
-4- Silenced Minstrel - "Dirge Of The Eternal Winter" (04:46)
-5- Silenced Minstrel - "Ex Lucis Tenebris" (05:05)
-6- Silenced Minstrel - "Canto Diablo 3 - Plagued By The Future" (04:31)

Here is the YouTube link where you can have a taste of our split:

Here is the artwork of the split: 

Mountain Hermit’s Website:

Thank you in advance,
Papa Hermit on behalf of Mountain Hermit

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