ATTIKA - Metal Lands - Release date: Friday, February 26th 2021 Thursday January 14 2021, 5:49 AM
ATTIKA - Metal Lands - Release date: Friday, February 26th 2021

In 2018, they played their first show on Europe, the UP THE HAMMERS. The following year played in Europe at the HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR. Their European fans have not forgotten them: ATTIKA.


The Band from Melbourne, Florida was active for over a decade from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. The albums ´Attika´ (1988) and ´When Heroes Fall´ (1991) are legendary. From the beginning, the Line-Up included frontman and singer Robert Van War and drummer Jeff Patelski. Soon after, bassist Glenn Anthony and guitarist Bill Krajewski joined to complete the current formation.


Their long awaited comeback Album is massive and powerful as US Metal should sound be, because ATTIKA have not forgotten their roots. The band presents an incredibly classic US Metal Release.


1. Metal Lands

2. 8 Track Days

3. Like A Bullet

4. Darkness Of The Day

5. The Price

6. Thorn In My Side

7. Run With The Horseman

8. Sincerely Violent

9. Gold

10. One Wish
Total Playing Time: 47:48 min


Robert Van War – vocals
Bill Krajewski – guitars

Glenn Anthony – bass

Jeff Patelski – drums

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