Swiss Black Metal Tormentors Unveil Surreal And Horrific Sophomore LP - Track Premiered At Antichrist Magazine. Wednesday January 13 2021, 5:53 AM
Swiss Black Metal Tormentors Unveil Surreal And Horrific Sophomore LP - Track Premiered At Antichrist Magazine.

We're excited to finally formally announce the early February 2021 official release of  "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition"  - the new immense sophomore full-length LP from elusive and recluse Swiss black/death metal tormentors  DSKNT,  a devouring nightmare of omnipotent sonic annihilation conceived at the most liminal edges of sanity.

The reality-destroying album takes shape as a dark and multidimensional hallucination deep into reality's most cryptic and terrifying truths, a place where entropy and chaos assume near-corporeal and hyper-realist forms, becoming empirical laws and axioms of all manifestations therein, with the music serving as the abhorrent mathematical key that allows the listener to unlock this realm beyond and "see" the horrors that populate reality beyond the reach of the five senses and of the terrestrial dimension. Harrowingly evocative and devastating beyond comprehension,  "Vacuum γ-Noise Transition"  assumes its hideous form through a ravaging maze of managed guitar fractals, eviscerating compositional deconstructionism and an inhuman event horizon of decaying soundscapes and oppressive atmospheres that dismantle the listener piece by piece, forcing mind and soul apart to disintegrate in each other's reflection. Somewhat claiming the torch of absolute avant-garde violence and abhorrence from bands like  Deathspell Omega  and  Portal , the devastating album is an all-encompassing and sensorially annihilating masterpiece that transitions this heritage of aural abominations into its most unavoidable future and inevitable conclusions, reshaping the DNA of surrealistic extreme metal as we know it and pulverizing all its known thresholds through a hideous out of body experience ritualized through total aural abandon. 

An introduction to the album was given back in December by extreme underground music blog  Antichrist Magazine , with an exclusive stream of the track  “Θ-Noise - Phase Shift”  - you can check out the feature  HERE .


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