Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock single by Photonak Tuesday January 12 2021, 9:17 PM
Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock single by Photonak

Musical light for those in dark times. Anchorage, Alaska's alt-rock group, Photonak, is here to cast light on all the "Tempered" souls around the world with their debut record release. Highly praised as "One of the best rock albums to ever come out of Anchorage" by Anchorage Press. Welcome to an emotional journey of introspection with sonic melancholy melodies and lyrical hooks about transcendence through tragedy.

Fight for Me makes a powerful statement as the leading track off Photonak’s album, Tempered. It’s a song that taps into the darkest feelings of isolation and self-doubt felt by so many after the turmoil of 2020. This hard hitting track grips its listeners with a burning massage about strength in numbers in a catchy chorus that blazes with soaring Cobain-esk vocals, gritty melodic guitar, bopping bass, and sonic drums. Fight for Me, with its high energy, impactful message, and addictive chorus, makes it a likely contender for being THE global rock hit of 2021.

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