Music 4 Mexico Earthquake Relief Compilation Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and now Vol. 4 Tuesday October 3 2017, 9:15 PM
Music 4 Mexico Earthquake Relief Compilation Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and now Vol. 4

In response to the recent earthquakes in Mexico, Dead Sea Records, Dead Sea Records Mexico, affiliates Twisted Prophet Records, VeNoMm Records and Bluntface Records all collaborated to develop the Music 4 Mexico Earthquake Relief Compilation including 75 bands in less than one week.

Music 4 Mexico is a 4 volume compilation of songs by over 75 bands. Bands from all over the world contributed to the compilation which was developed to stand by Mexico as they recover from tragedy. Proceeds from the compilation will go toward the purchase of food, water and supplies for the victims of the recent earthquakes.

Michael Black owner of Dead Sea Records writes, “On the morning of August 21st, I put out a call to bands requesting music donations of music. Within hours, the call was answered. Dead Sea Records was truly humbled by the large number of bands willing to donate their music in support Earthquake Relief in Mexico. The result was not just one, or two volumes but 4 volumes of music. The funds from the compilation sells will be sent to Dead Sea Records Mexico (DSRM) Earthquake Relief Fund organized by Fer Del Callejo, the owner of Dead Sea Records Mexico.”

Fer Del Callejo President of Dead Sea Records Mexico writes, “September 19 was a hard day for memories of people here in Mexico, 32 years ago in 1985 an earthquake destroyed part of Mexico City. Now, 32 years later in 2017 exactly on the same day another earthquake comes to try to bring us down again. But this time everything is different, We have social tools and internet to help people by sharing information about where the most help is needed. My friends, family and I have decided to bring help to these specific areas and give help to people by bringing water, food, tools and medicine to them. We are delivering all this with our hands since we realized public institutions don’t help in the right way and don’t help in all the areas.

I decided to ask Michael Black (owner of Dead Sea Records ) for help, and do something for the people with music. Music 4 Mexico came to life. From Michael’s mind, he started start to pull all his bands together. At the beginning we expected just one album for help. But, the response was so amazing, all those bands wanting to help people in my country, at the end we put together 75 bands from US ,Mexico and other parts of the world. For us here in Dead Sea Records Mexico and Dead Sea Records US it’s something amazing because we can see the good hearts of lots of people and bands trying to do something to help Mexicans. I’m so proud of this response and I’m so thankful to Michael and all the bands involved into this project because all of us together are doing something to help the people in need.

The money from the Music 4 Mexico CD’s sales will be use to help Mexicans. I’m so proud of this response and I’m so thankful for Michael and all the bands involved into this project. Because all of us together we are doing something to help people in need. There are people who still need help in affected areas due to the earthquake. We are following the same scheme giving help right to the hands of people in need. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks to each band and each member of the bands who are part of this and decided to donate a song and stand up for my Mexican People”.

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