CARCINOMA to release debut album Labascation Monday January 11 2021, 6:27 PM
CARCINOMA to release debut album Labascation


RAT KING RECORDS is proud to present Carcinoma's long awaited debut album, Labascation. Having formed in 2014, the band have quietly released two gems in the form of their 2015 demo and the their 2018 split Apanthropinization with UK underground legends Abyssal.
This year will see their most ambitious release to date. This record takes the listener on a punishing 40 minute journey through existentialism and the crisis of the human condition. At its heart, the record is a truly bleak picture expressed through layers of dissonance, rumbling bass lines and chilling vocals. The result is a remarkable album which is simultaneously brutal, bleak and nuanced.
Indeed, ‘Labascation’ is a musical reflection of the human mind and the war it wages against itself within the trials presented by existence. Woven deeply in themes of hatred, rage, fear, dying, death, loss, misery, hopelessness, worthlessness and the desire to escape from it all through an honest representation of emotive catharsis as a means of survival.
Labascation will be released on February 5th 2021 via Rat King Records on vinyl. The album is now available for reviews and release announcement coverage, and Carcinoma are also available for interview. For all coverage, interview and stock requests please get in touch with us at or click the button below.

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