BLOODTRUST - In Blood We Trust People Of Punk Rock Records Monday January 11 2021, 5:42 AM
BLOODTRUST - In Blood We Trust People Of Punk Rock Records

BLOODTRUST - "In Blood We Trust"
Label: People Of Punk Rock Records
Release date: 29.01.2021


Sweden’s BLOODTRUST formed through dedication, commitment and attitude. During the 90s, the members of the band grew up listening to punkrock, metal and hardcore music, not aware that BTHC was what it all was destined for.
BLOODTRUST started out in 2020, during the worst pandemic in decades, and the process was fast and furious. In the band's first two months, they wrote and recorded 11 songs, i.e. the album that is to be known as "In Blood We Trust".
The truth is that BTHC will floor you. It will shake you to your core. You will feel like a car ran you over, and that you want it to happen again. In Blood We Trust!


1. Our Streets  (2:58)

2. We Have a Choice  (2:42)

3. Suffer  (2:23)

4. In Memoriam  (1:36)

5. In Blood We Trust  (3:36)

6. New Dawn  (3:03)

7. In Blood We Trust Pt 2  (1:35)

8. Bow Down  (2:39)

9. Enemies  (2:21)

10. Sellout  (1:27)

11. Bleeding Out  (2:20)

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