THE TRAGIC COMPANY | Breaking Down The Mirror (New Single) Monday December 21 2020, 7:58 PM
THE TRAGIC COMPANY | Breaking Down The Mirror (New Single)

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Breaking Down The Mirror | 3 single

The Tragic Company’s band members come from different provinces in Southern Spain: Granada and Málaga. The project has been going on since 2008, but the current lineup has been together for around five years. During this time, there’s been an evolution to harder sounds that were already hinted on their second album ‘Enigma Of The Soul’ (2016), but it is on this latest period where we find their music going a step further in terms of musical and creative maturity.

2020 was going to see the release of the new album, divided into two different and separate parts, sharing the same essence. ‘Paradox Vol. I’ and ‘Paradox Vol. II’ would be released in 2020 and 2021, but due to reasons that need no explanation, all this had to be rescheduled.

For this alternative metal band, it was important not to have a blank year, so ‘Paradox Vol. I’ has been dispensed through several singles with a matching videoclip each one. The first one was ‘Rotten’, released in March during the first wave of Covid. A 7’15’’ minutes track of pure Tool essence with a very clear progressive direction. It’s had great repercusion among international media. Little after, ‘Without You’ arrived, with a more 90s driven vibe. It also had a good impact on radios and online platforms around the world. It had a vampire-themed videoclip.

‘Breaking Down The Mirror’ is the new single. It has a powerful guitar riff, a nice melodic chorus and a bit of electronic samples on it. It comes with a matching studio official videoclip.

It will be available on on streaming platforms from December 18th.

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