GENTLE SAVAGE Announce New Single YNAMW Coming Out Soon, First Teasing Details Revealed! - in ENG + FIN Wednesday December 16 2020, 10:25 PM
GENTLE SAVAGE Announce New Single YNAMW Coming Out Soon, First Teasing Details Revealed! - in ENG + FIN

Finnish Rockers GENTLE SAVAGE, formed in 2013, have announced their new single, entitled 'YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why)' coming out still by the end of 2020, revealing first teasing details about it. YNAMW is taken from the band's upcoming debut album ‘Midnight Waylay’, out in February 2021. Furthermore the band reveals the single cover artwork, created by Vin Valentino. 
Lead vocalist Tornado on the single:
"YNAMW is a fairly weird song. With it's rhythmic and dynamic character YNAMW gives you some real nice boost while jogging or coupling or just rockin' around.. (Meditation is propably out of the question). 
Four different parts include two solos and of course - a catchy chorus. YNAMW tells a story about a modern cowboy-vampire and his call to action. Our hero reveals his yearn for eternal love. And just for making sure; this story is fictive! More about it later."
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GENTLE SAVAGE: Uusi single YNAMW tulossa pian, ensimmäiset kutkuttavat tiedot paljastettu!
Suomalainen GENTLE SAVAGE julkaisee uuden kappaleen nimeltään YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why). Single on striimattavissa 28.12.2020. YNAMW on bändin neljäs singlelohkaisu helmikuussa 2021 ilmestyvältä 'Midnight Waylay' debyytti-albumilta. Kansitaiteen on tehnyt Gentle Savagen uusi luottograafikko Vin Valentino. 
Laulaja Tornado singlestä:
"YNAMW on luonteeltaan hieman vinksahtanut kappale joka rytmisyydellään ja dynaamisella vaihtelullaan tarjoaa hyvää potkua touhuihin lenkkeilystä makuuhuoneeseen. (Meditaatiota ei todennäköisesti maksa vaivaa kokeilla).Kappale muodostuu neljästä osasta sisältäen kaksi sooloa ja tietenkin - sen tarttuva kertosäkeen. Lyriikat kertovat modernista länkkäri - vampyyrista ja hänen toimintakutsuistaan sekä ikuisen rakkauden kaipuustaan. Ihan vain varmuudeksi; tarina on fiktiivinen! Tästä myöhemmin lisää."
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Previous news:
On November 27th, GENTLE SAVAGE unleashed their new analog animation music video of an adventure in the Underworld, 'Honey Bunny -the Rock'n Roll transformation'. Just recently the band released two reaction videos, where the band members Jay & Tornado and the cartoonist Jyrki Heikkinen give their reaction while watching the fully edited video for the first time. Watch below.
Jay & Tornado - -

Cartonist Jyrki - -

Watch the 'Honey Bunny -the Rock'n Roll transformation' video here: -

'Honey Bunny - The Rock'n Roll Transformation' video was made in collaboration with cartoon artist Jyrki Heikkinen and photographer Ilari Kallinen. The story was created by Tornado Bearstone and Jyrki Heikkinen alongside the Gentle Savage’s guitarist Tim O’Shore.
"Break the boundaries, find your own way!"
Gentle Savage’s debut album, ‘Midnight Waylay’ is coming out in February 2021. It’s a way of describing an ambush at midnight, or going to a rock show; you never know what’s going to happen out there. 
Midnight Waylay depicts a ‘taking it easy in the daytime, turning into a beast at night’ kind of lifestyle. Just like a hunter strikes from the shadows, ruthless and silent, these songs can without warning rock your world.
As a concept the album Midnight Waylay is best appreciated when served whole, but each song has its own character and works well independently. Find your own adventure, let yourself loose!"
"It is all about the songs. And their internal message. That's the basic philosophy behind Gentle Savage."
Also watch the videos for the first two singles:
'Run Run Poor Boy' -

'Karelian Magic' -

Tornado Bearstone, songwriter, vocals and guitar
Jay B, drums and backing vocals
Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals
Tim O`Shore, guitar and backing vocals
Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals
’Treat yourself and let our magic in. We’ll take care of the rest’.
Band promo photo by Timo Soasepp
Single coverarts by Vin Valentino
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