MY OWN PRIVATE ALASKA Announces Brand New EP And Shares Epic Music Video!" Wednesday December 16 2020, 10:24 PM
MY OWN PRIVATE ALASKA Announces Brand New EP And Shares Epic Music Video!"

After 10 years on hiatus, early 2020 seen My Own Private Alaska return to the scene with a reissue of their pathbreaking debut album, "Amen". Now,  the "pianocore" collective from Toulouse, France, is highlighting their triumphal comeback with the release of a brand new EP! "Let This Rope Cross All The Lands", which will be out on March 26, 2021 via AWAL, is filled with the haunting, avantgarde post-rock and apocalypse atmospheres My Own Private Alaska is known for, but will even go way deeper.

Between the aesthetic disproportion and formal minimalism, My Own Private Alaska takes the bias of authenticity. Evoking the ghosts of Chopin and the crescendos of Envy, their music is captivating, dark and joyful at once. Architects of a fragile and imposing universe, these four musicians have marked the spirits. The fascination of this French group unfolds a unique opportunity to dig into a captivating film noir synchronizing your cardiac palpitations to the conscience of a band that defies easy labelling. During their live shows, all band members sit to play. The bass guitar is replaced by a keyboard, that takes care of the bass part, dark textures and drone landscapes. During the band’s impressive career and history, My Own Private Alaska played countless tours all over the world, including support shows for Metallica.

On their upcoming Rarities- EP "Let This Rope Cross All The Lands", My Own Private Alaska continues to polarize while imposing its enigmatic formula, shrouded in the intensity of melancholy piano chords and cathartic screams - a sound tainted by madness, beauty and despair. "Let This Rope Cross All The Lands" comprises of five studio cuts, while the Vinyl edition will also include three live tracks. One of them, a brand new song entitled "Your Shelter", has just been exclusively premiered on Revolver Magazine, along with an epic live music video, filmed on the top of the mystical Mont-St-Michel-de-Brasparts in Britain! Watch My Own Private Alaska’s new clip right here:


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