HUMAN - Unto Múspellsheimr - Reviewed By Blackened Death Metal Zine! Wednesday December 16 2020, 9:40 PM
HUMAN - Unto Múspellsheimr - Reviewed By Blackened Death Metal Zine!

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"He Who Saw the Abyss".

Dark soundscapes start off the song along with some avant garde style instruments before going into a heavier direction. When the music speeds up a great amount of brutal blast beats can be heard while the vocals are a mixture of black metal screams and death metal growls, When guitar leads are utilized they are also done in a very dark yet melodic style along with all of the musical instruments also having a very powerful sound to them.

 Evil sounding melodies are also added into some of the riffing and the song also adds in a lot of 90's influences along with the song also adding in a decent mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts as well as a brief use of melodic chants that also give the song more of an ethnic atmosphere. The production sounds very dark and heavy while the lyrics cover occultism themes .

 A very dark yet heavy sound starts off the track while the vocals are mostly black metal screams along with some death metal growls also being used at times. Clean vocals are also a very huge part of the track as well as the tracks sticking to more of a mid tempo direction. The production sounds very dark and heavy while the lyrics cover Norse Mythology themes.

In my opinion Human are a very great sounding blackened death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out these singles. 8 out of 10.

In the days before lockdown and plague, HUMAN was formed by the dark minds of Gallus and Gritz during the ice-cold winter frosts of 2019, creating a unique blend of Blackened Death. With a grand history of witch burnings and riders in black, their small town of Belper, Derbyshire, UK had now been covered in a new shadow of darkness.

With 2020 well underway, the duo began crafting a catalogue of malevolent sounds, later inviting Gorgrom to join the ranks on vocals - adding the venom of torturous screams, devilish roars together with ritualistic doom singing and blending it into an ode to infernal chaos.

Now as we face the end to this plague-stricken year of self-isolation HUMAN have a taste of their metal to unleash onto the world. The premiere of their track "Unto Múspellsheimr" - a song which details the infernal war of Múspellsheimr, an Old Norse realm of fire and chaos on the heavens - is to be Released via Recharger Records on all digital platforms on Friday, December 11th 2020.

"This track is a somewhat atmospheric flowing march into the depths of hell, that will showcase that dark sound of our songwriting. A lot of our upcoming material that will follow this will feature some very harsh moments, a lot of unworldly progressive sounds and of course a real sense of demonic curse on the senses. I think Unto Múspellsheimr is a great way to start things off to take our audience into the depths with us in preparation to what lurks beneath..." - Gorgrom

This will be a prelude to the upcoming album "The Relentlessness of Mortality" Which will be due for release early 2021.


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