Marilyn Manson: What I Learned From Having a Foursome With My Ex-Wife Dita Von Teese Sunday September 24 2017, 1:26 PM
Marilyn Manson: What I Learned From Having a Foursome With My Ex-Wife Dita Von Teese

"I don't like threesomes, just for the record." 

Marilyn Manson opened up about a possible shared sexual experience with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor during their earlier touring together on Howard Stern earlier this week.

“We may or may not have had a threesome together and normally threesomes are with two girls and a guy. I’m just saying, we might have.” When asked if he shared a woman with him, he replied “I dunno. I don’t think I shared it.” He added: “I may or may not have walked out of the situation, if it had happened. [laughs]

“Cause I think two guys and a girl is more like a gangbang. I wouldn’t have… Threesomes, I don’t like threesomes, just for the record. It thought for so many years—you were talking about love earlier—I had this conversation with my ex-wife [Dita Von Teese] after ten years, I said ‘do you remember the time we weren’t married and we were in Zurich and you said hey, why don’t I go pick up some hot goth girls and bring ’em backstage, and she brought two girls. And I was just finishing my show, leaning back looking cool. Wearing my hat, stripe across my face. Tight dick player. I have that tattoo by the way, TDP…

And she brings back two girls, so she picks the hot one and starts making out with her, so what do I do? I get stuck with the dud. But then I get punched and then I didn’t realize for ten years, it was a foursome because there were not three people in the room. And then I asked her ‘why did you hit me?’ And she said ‘You’re supposed to stare at your girlfriend having sex with the hot girl.’ I said: “But it was my concert, why did you stick me with the dud?’ So no threesomes, it’s an extra crying, bleeding machine in the morning. If someone’s gonna cry in the morning, it’s probably gonna be me.” via AlternativeNation

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