WAIL - Civilization Maximus - Reviewed by ODYMETAL Friday December 11 2020, 3:52 PM
WAIL - Civilization Maximus - Reviewed by ODYMETAL

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WAIL is a Norwegian group of 5 musicians, formed in 2015, after a first album in 2018, presents “Civilization Maximus” which tackles current social and societal problems at the text level. The group is known, if my sources are correct, as "prophet of the apocalypse of the civilized world", having taken a position on serious themes, as on his previous album. Everyone is free to interpret the group's words to form an opinion. In order not to make a mistake in understanding, my English is not sharp enough for the accuracy of the translation, I will only address the musical aspect, which is, let's face it, more often the case in a chronicle. , and this is what is expected as a priority. In line with what the group specifies, the provocative red cover, referring to circus games from the savagery of the Roman Empire, was not chosen at random. It is necessary to discern if this is in the logic of the illustration of the words and the remarks, of the communication to attract the public, of the observation of what can happen or the denunciation of certain barbaric facts with or without black humor. I searched, I did not find !!! 
Musically, it is a powerful Heavy Metal album, typical of the 80s, on which excellent musicians have teamed up to deliver well-executed titles. We immediately have the proof with the excellent "Down The Mountain", which begins beautifully with a performing singer, called "The Singer" whose strong voice recalls that of Bruce Dickinson, which is already an asset when you evolve in the Metal. 
The two titles which follow, will be more typical Hard Rock. "Endless Repetition" makes us discover the piercing voice that challenges us, a superb refrain on which the choirs are particularly worked, imposing guitarists and good solo. We find the Bruce-typed voice on “Presage” very melodic on passages à la Maiden, the singer easily rising in the treble. 
Then Heavy Metal takes back its rights. 
"Through The Ice" begins with a superb well-paced riff, then a passage sung with the voice which seems doubled, declamation on heavy mid tempo, a beautiful melody on the chorus and excellent and percussive solos, beautiful work! 
"No Hesitation" is a heavy mid tempo becoming airy as soon as the vocals appear, a short powerful chorus and worked vocally. Then comes an excellent riff very JUDAS PRIEST, the voice and the choirs are found with echo almost in a BLIND GUARDIAN atmosphere just like the solos with this sound which amplifies all the force of this final. 
Excellent riff on good rhythm for "You've Got Nothing" where the singer still does wonders, more warlike choirs, good solo on enormous rhythm, a slightly crazy title by the flow of the song superbly mastered until the explosive final. 
Starting with big drums “Manherder” develops different rhythms which allow us to appreciate the singer who makes use of his powerful voice, again on Maiden-style passages. 
"Overwhelming" is rhythmic entry, the choirs are in response to the voice, big guitars are needed. The atmosphere becomes scary after the first chorus, the solo is more technical, the drums are in force and the choirs continue to feed this impression and the singer lets loose even more on the finale. 
The album ends with “Civilization Maximus” on which we find Bruce-like intonations, an epic pre-chorus before the war chorus where the four words are declined in the form of vocalizations with choirs. 
A singer very present by the quality of his voice but also by the duration of interpretation given the length of the words, because the group has a lot of things to say. Heavy type 80s, fluid, melodic, with multiple vocal and musical arrangements and titles that will find participation from the public during concerts. Coming from the cold, the group has something to warm you up and get you involved in its convictions! 
Cerbadd / ODYMETAL / on 12.10.2020.

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FFO: Ghost, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Candlemass

Satire. A word that lost it's weight the day the world became so obscure that yesterday's satirical content became the news of the day. It’s time to step up the game.

Enter Wail

The cultiest of cultist cult bands, a Norwegian heavy metal quintet best known as preachers of the 'apocalypse of the civilized world' as well as being observed claiming responsibility for catastrophes such as global warming, epidemics and commercial radio. They seem to be using their mesmerizing heavy metal music to lure young and old into their cultist organization.

A spokesman of the group has been quoted with the following comment regarding the choice of musical direction: "I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent. According to my research, heavy metal is the most commercially available, sexy and danceable genre out there. It was quite obvious really".

The band has been nurtured, cultivated and refined to be able to write, perform and seduce on a level that few can assert to. This under close observation of the terrifying and quite flamboyant front man that goes under the name «The Singer».

Wail has been getting recognition as a hard working live band on both festival and club scenes, and the response is usually in the vein of 'International standard' and 'who or what the hell are these people?'. The group prefer not to discuss the latter.

The dust has just settled after their debut album «Resilient» 2018. Produced by Kjartan Hestehaugen and Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT).

The follow up album, produced by Titan Labs studio/Riccardo Daga «Civilization Maximus» features 9 tracks circulating a theme of manipulation/indoctrination as the band ventures deeper into the antagonistic rabbit hole.

Wail has been getting recognition as a hard working live band on both festival and club scenes, and the response is usually in the vein of 'International standard' and 'who or what the hell are these people?'. The group prefer not to discuss the latter. Get ready to rejoice in salvation, tribalism and an oblique glance at extremism.

You are hereby invited to partake in song, a secret, a promises of eternal life, presented by the masterful crossroad salesmen of Wail whom might not be as glamorous as they make themselves out to be.

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