THE SIGN RECORDS Releases Year-End Free Compilation Friday December 11 2020, 2:27 PM
THE SIGN RECORDS Releases Year-End Free Compilation

THE SIGN RECORDS Releases Year-End Free Compilation
What's your poison? No matter your answer, The Sign Records has what you need. The label has helped to launch careers for bands as MaidaVale, Hällas, Svartanatt, Lizzies, The Drippers, and Demon Head, to name a few. Founded in 2015, it offers alternative music for a new generation: shaking garage rock, fuzzed-out stoner, enchanting psych, uncompromising metal, and classic rock. No boundaries hold The Sign Records back.
In that spirit, the label has just launched an 18-track, free to download Bandcamp compilation spotlighting the most crucial tracks of 2020. The strength of The Sign is its ability to pick up and release debut albums with bands -- so if you're on the lookout for new music, this compilation is where to start. The music included on the compilation is from releases made during 2020 and singles taken from upcoming albums set for release in 2021. 
Featured artists: Hot Breath, Heavy Feather, Sealand Airlines, Children of the Sün, Grande Royale, Night, The Riven, Volcanova, Vokonis, Lucifer Star Machine, Dictator Ship, Åskväder, Märvel, Beat City Tubeworks, The Hawkins, CB3, Nocturnalia and Moloken.
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