5 Travel Destinations That Are Reopening To Tourists Friday December 11 2020, 2:02 PM
5 Travel Destinations That Are Reopening To Tourists

With governments worldwide easing travel restrictions, most countries are slowly opening their borders to other nations with fewer COVID cases. Many of us were eagerly awaiting this move by the government to get back to our healthy lives or what the normal used to be. The government is issuing regulations and information now and then, so check your country’s and the host country’s official travel websites often. Here is a comprehensive list of the five places reopening their borders for tourists and planning your next adventure:

  1. Bali

Beach lovers worldwide are waiting to travel to Bali- a land of rich culture, pretty clean beaches, and clear water. The good news is that the island country is reopening for travel. One of the primary reasons for this is a total of less than 1,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19. If all goes well and there is no significant spike in the number of virus cases, then the Indonesian island will start welcoming tourists from October and beyond. The government’s decision comes in the wake of the crumbling economy of Bali. The economy of the island economy is highly dependent on the travel and tourism sector, and the year 2020 is proving to be a dip in the country's economic graph.


Over the past few months, various foreign nationals have not visited Indonesia, other than just travel enthusiasts. Well, this is undoubtedly set to change. However, there are certain attached conditions that the tourists must adhere to if they plan on visiting Bali. They must undergo the swab test and also present a letter that suggests that they are COVID-19 free.

  1. Mexico

One of the most culturally rich and welcoming places in the United States, Mexico, too, is opening gradually for tourists. If you are a resident of the U.S, all you need to do is plan a road trip and finally take a break from the COVID paranoia. Pack your bags, stuff your universal roof rack , and get ready for the trip to Mexico. The decision to resume tourism for Mexico comes in the wake of the tourism industry has hit hard. Inter-state flights to Mexico are slowly returning, and Mexico’s tourism sector is inching well back to normalcy. However, as many know, non-essential travel remains restricted between Mexico and the U.S due to a joint agreement. Still, the folks within Mexico can go for a drive, followed by a staycation.

  1. Cyprus

Cyprus is one country that is taking desperate measures to attract tourists. The government and various travel agencies will cover the cost of any COVID-19 positive traveler. The Cypriot government is willing to go a step further and pay for the lodging of any such traveling and food, drinks, and medication for any tourist who catches the virus during the visit to Cyprus. It seems like the only thing the government wants is for people to visit their country to switch back the tourism on track. 

A five-page letter was issued to governments and various operators back in May itself. However, there are specific things that the travelers will have to keep in mind, including providing a certificate if they test negative for Covid-19. The Mediterranean island nation is also taking all other additional precautions. It is being ensured that the staff of all hotels wears gloves as well as also puts on masks. They will also be required to disinfect beds regularly and maintain social distancing.

  1. Egypt

The government in Egypt suspended travel and tourism back in March. But the various restrictions are now being gradually relaxed. All the hotels which agree on following strict guidelines are now opening. The different hotels opening their doors for tourists in Egypt will be required to have a clinic and a 24x7 available resident doctor on the premises. Domestic visitors now have all the permission to travel across cities. 

  1. Barbados

Barbados is gradually opening its arms to travelers. However,  with specific guidelines , of course. All those from hotspot locations and willing to travel to Barbados will have to take the COVID-19 test at least two days before leaving for Barbados. If you are traveling from a low-risk area, you can get tested a week before the departure. Other than this, another requirement is that the visitor will need a quick online examination, also known as an ED, about the presence of any COVID-19 symptoms. All of this is worth the beauty of the Caribbean island. 


Although governments worldwide are hinting at essential requirements, people are beginning to make plans for the approaching holidays already. Some of the countries opened their borders sooner than others because their economy is hugely dependent on tourism. It will not be the same, but it will help deal with the claustrophobia that we faced in the preceding months. Make sure that you keep visiting the official tourism websites of your country and that of the country you are visiting for any announcements or any emergencies regarding lockdowns.

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