Jason Aaron Wood To Release New Music Soon! Thursday December 10 2020, 5:10 AM
Jason Aaron Wood To Release New Music Soon!

Jason Aaron Wood from Ol Sonuf just posted to his Patreon followers this message:

"Hey folks! 
Sorry for the long silence here, & thank you for your continued support.
Although I haven’t had any full album releases since “Emanations” in late 2017, I’ve been going through all of this music I’ve had in the works and I’m realizing I’m basically sitting on about 5 albums at various stages of completion, some very close and others not so much.
Among this material are some songs from the Emanations and Escape album sessions that were never released — some of which I only just heard for the first time in years, so it‘s almost entirely unfamiliar. (Kinda weird to hear music you don’t even know but that you clearly wrote!)
Anyway, I’m going to share some clips and excerpts from those songs soon, along with some previews of new songs in the works for both JAW and OL SONUF. If you liked the music on Emanations or any of my other albums, I’m pretty sure you’ll really enjoy this material — especially if you consider them as an extension of the “world” of those albums they were almost a part of.
Check back soon!"
— Jason

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