Machines On Blast - Black Market Happiness - Reviewed At Rockportaal! Tuesday December 8 2020, 5:40 PM
Machines On Blast - Black Market Happiness - Reviewed At Rockportaal!

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Evan Mitchell started in 2013 with what is today Machine Blast. More and more musicians were added so that it can now be called a full band. COVID-19 has not hindered these industrial metallers from recording a new album this year.

The tracks are quite varied in sound and influences. This Warm Embrace has a nice groove. Living The Lie is a bit more synth and goth driven. On Fake The Cure we hear the influence of Fear Factory most strongly in the riffs. The Chosen Failure sometimes reminds me of what it would sound like if James Hedfield were to sing in an industrial band. Untruths and Imperfections and The Proclamation remind me a bit of Korn in terms of vocals and bass lines. Those different influences spread further over the other tracks.

You already read it through the rules a bit. We can say that we are dealing with a smooth industrial metal record that will certainly appeal to fans of bands like Static-X, Rob Zombie and Fear Factory. Fans of traditional industrial like Laibach, KMFDM will find this too metal and too '' pop ''. Part of this can undoubtedly be attributed to the input of Henrik Udd (engineer, producer). He previously worked with bands such as of Bring Me the Horizon, Architects, Powerwolf. You can hear that damn well because it clicks remarkably smoothly. That is then equal a strength and weakness. That sound makes everything so smooth that the casual fans will love it. However, for die-hard, more old skool industrial fans it is probably a bit too commercial.

Varied, high-quality produced and full of groove, this is definitely the type of industrial metal that can appeal to me personally. - Rockportaal

For fans of: Fear Factory, Ministry, Combichrist, Static X, Deathstars

Check out the full new album from Industrial Metallers ‘Machines On Blast’ here:

Started in 2013 by Evan Mitchell (Singer, Song Writer, Programmer) Machines on Blast 's growth began shortly with the additions of recording/live guitarist Warren Adams in 2014 and live drummer Chris Marshall. This line-up released their well received self-titled debut EP “ Machines On Blast ”. Alongside the EP, Machines on Blast went on to appear in the compilations “ Digital Recovery 10.4 ” and “ Elektro Villain: Volume 002 ”.

Machines on Blast supported their self-titled EP with a brand new remix album featuring independent artists including Chrome Corpse, Particle Son, Man Woman Machine , and FlammPunkt. Machines on Blast then recruited bass player Scott Vanhorn for the live line-up, and went on to perform alongside The Dreaming (Former Stabbing Westward), My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Genitorturers, Death Valley High , and Fractured Fairytales .

In 2015 that Machines on Blast began writing for their next full length production, Tin Man Empire , which released in 2016. The album was well received with Hooded Stranger ( ) stating Machines on Blast is, “...explosive and detonate their sound,” and Brutal Resonance ( praising the album as, “angry, loud, and brings back a 90s industrial sound.”

In late 2017, Machines on Blast welcomed guitarist Andrew Howington to the line up for both live and studio duties and announced their music is to be featured in Australian horror film ' Bite Club ' which was released in 2018.

Amidst the global shutdown due to COVID-19 , Machines on Blast completed writing and producing their album Black Market Happiness which was released in October of 2020. This album was very well received and was noted to have added more depth and stylistic offerings to their songwriting while still solidifying their Industrial Metal sound.

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