RAVENOIR – Triumph of the winged one Monday November 30 2020, 5:01 AM
RAVENOIR – Triumph of the winged one

RAVENOIR, a new formation of heretics centered around frontman Alesh AD, plays an uncompromising, yet technically challenging blend of black and death metal. Their irreverent debut „The Darkest Flame of Eternal Blasphemy“ will no doubt be a breath of fresh air for the black metal scene in Czech and Slovakia.

Apart from guitarist Alesh AD (ROOT), RAVENOIR's line-up is rounded out by Igor Hubík (ROOT) on bass, drummer Patrik Sas and guitarist Jakub Önslaughter Maděryč. 

One of the guests featured on the band's first outing is Jiří BigBoss Valter (ROOT's frontman), who contributed lyrics to two songs and lent his unique voice and inimitable delivery to the Prologue to the album. 

Another stellar guest is guitar legend Andy La Rocque of KING DIAMOND, whose guitar solo is featured on the title track. 

RAVENOIR's debut will be released under the banner of Slovakia's Gothoom Productions on February 21, 2021.

„The Darkest Flame Of Eternal Blasphemy“ track listing:

01 - Nocturnal Initiation (Prologue)   3:41

02 - Ravenoir   3:36

03 - The Darkest Flame Of Eternal Blasphemy   5:12

04 - In The Sign Of The Horns   3:18

05 - From The Dead Shadows Of The Void To Eternity (Intermezzo)   4:23

06 - Blood Pact   3:16

07 - Dark Vision   4:00

08 - Hellfire's Icon   2:14

09 - Alter Ego   8:38

Total length: 38:18

Check out the lyric videos for „The Darkest Flame Of Eternal Blasphemy“ and „In The Sign Of The Horns“:       

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