Whole Horse Both Barrels LP Preorder Thursday November 26 2020, 11:55 AM
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Whole Horse Both Barrels LP Preorder

For fans of Heavy Metal mixed with Classic Rock and Country Western...
Phog ‘Whole Horse Both Barrels’ “Powder Blue / Blue Dream” preorder starts at midnight 11/27. It will go live tomorrow at midnight on the East Coast! Go listen to the album now though, and start counting your couch change!


"Whole Horse Both Barrels" is phOGs open love letter to classic rock, country western music, the 70s and heavy metal. Recorded over the course of 2019, and maybe some of 2018, re-visiting songs previously demo'd before Zach was in the band, and rolling out some more fresh material for an easy 30 minute listening experience, of 5 songs that flow right into one another, we hope you enjoy the journey." - Adam Mundorf - Guitar/Vox

All songs were written, produced, and recorded by phOG via the Tascam 388 reel to reel in the basement of The Convent in Portland, Oregon.

Album art for "Whole Horse Both Barrels" created by Ted Nasmith
(Canadian artist, illustrator and architectural renderer. best known as an illustrator of J. R. R. Tolkien, and George R.R Martin works).

phOG “Blue Dream” vinyl LP

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