Metal Appreciation in Video Games Tuesday November 17 2020, 5:13 AM
Metal Appreciation in Video Games

Love it or hate it, and we both know that you obviously can’t get enough of it, metal has become one of the most popular music genres in the world. The heavy riffs, generous drum use, and killer vocals that accompany the majority of metal music are enough to get anyone invested. Because of this, it’s easy to see metal reaching much further than your classic concert performances and video views. One place in particular that metal music seems to get a lot of love is video games. With the help of its fast-paced rhythm, these next few games help set the tone for an action-packed adventure.

Casino Games

Casinos aren’t exactly what comes to mind when most people think of metal. These places are often luxurious, flashy, and try to bring the glitz and glamour in heavy doses. With the rise of online casinos, however, the variety you can find when it comes to casino games is now insane. Players from all over the globe flock to top-notch websites like to try out the classic table games they host or the exciting slots that never fail to entertain even the pickiest of players.

Since variety is one of the most important parts of online casino games, it’s easy to spot hundreds of slot titles sporting different themes. Unsurprisingly, this includes slots inspired by some of the most legendary metal bands of all time! Not only do these great games have band-specific designs and gameplay that undoubtedly incorporates the band’s branding, but they also feature their music in the background!

Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series has had quite a long run. This hack and slash adventure is without a doubt one of the most action-packed series in the last two decades and has amassed a large following of diehard fans. The gameplay of the Devil May Cry games includes a ton of combos, a variety of weapons, and sports a storyline that perfectly fits with one genre of music in particular – metal. With five games under its belt, we can only hope for more where  top-notch new albums  are added to the game soundtrack.

From the first game that came out back in 2001 to the latest addition in the series from 2019, metal music had been accompanying players on their demon-hunting journey without a moment of rest. The excellent tracks used in Devil May Cry set the tone for the game perfectly and is one of the biggest reasons why fans love the game so much. It also helps that the majority of badass characters featured in the game have an appreciation for the genre themselves.

Guitar Hero

Here’s an obvious one. In a game that heavily focuses on music, it seems only fair that metal makes an appearance. While a lot of the Guitar Hero games have had metal additions here and there, we want to point out one of the greatest gems both video game and music lovers have gotten in the past decade, Guitar Hero: Metallica! What better way to show appreciation for the genre than dedicating a whole game to one of the best bands of all time after all.

Everyone’s familiar with this legendary band, and with Guitar Hero: Metallica players have the chance to simulate some of the band's most  iconic performances  in their living rooms. Whether you decide to give this great game a whirl by yourself or have a full-on concert with your friends on game night, nothing beats the unforgettable experience this game brings to the table time and time again.

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