Gore House Productions announce the signing of Infected Humans! Monday November 16 2020, 5:15 AM
Gore House Productions announce the signing of Infected Humans!

Gore House Productions are on a constant quest to unearth the most brutal music to be found, scouring every corner of our decaying planet for the most terrifying sounds imaginable. Their latest discovery comes from Ecuador, under the name of Infected Humans and on January 15th 2021 band and label will unleash the album Unexpected Traumatic Experiences - death metal like you've never heard before! The band's vocalist and guitarist, Claudio Carrasco shares his delight at joining the Gore House roster...

"With special dedication to human beings who love brutal death metal, from the Andes of Ecuador we have the honour to present our debut album called Unexpected Traumatic Experiences. This record features special vocal collaborations with Pipo Castellanos of Cafetera Sub and Putrefaction Hedionda, Ewan Lambert of Dripped and Corpse Flesh and Sonny Trujillo of Cadaverous Infest. And we are very excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Gore House - where the world’s sickest productions are made!"

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences awaits you in the new year, but for now feast your eyes on the album artwork and prepare yourself for the furious sickness to come!

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