Warm Yourself With The Psychedelic Prog Soup Of “Centre Of The 8” Served Up By Dizzy Mystics Friday November 13 2020, 1:17 PM
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Warm Yourself With The Psychedelic Prog Soup Of “Centre Of The 8” Served Up By Dizzy Mystics

L-R – Robert Schau (drums), Kyle Halldorson (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Alexandre Joyal (guitar, vox), Aaron Bacon (bass, vox).
Photography – Jess Mann Photography

One of Canada’s most versatile and vibrant rock bands along with being the 2020 Western Canadian Music Award winner for "Metal/Hard Music Artist of The Year", Dizzy Mystics are proud to announce a brand new track, revealing it only with a video showing the live-off-the-floor performance. 

This single “Centre of the 8” is a tease of the next Dizzy Mystic’s album, which follows 2019’s groovy and psychedelic “Wanderlost”. The band is certain that the high energy video will captivate listeners, as they comment:

"This song is a small example of things to come on the upcoming album. We've upped the ante on heaviness, breathing room, and melodic/emotional depth. Enjoy!"

The video was recorded live at Beyond Boundaries Academy in Winnipeg, Canada, with help from Clint Chaboyer (sound engineer/mixer) and Sean Perrun (cinematographer/director/ editor) from Red Tie Productions. It gives listeners a look at what to expect from a live show: a wide range of 70s vocals, funky bass lines, and psychedelic rock riffs that will catapult you into a realm of dreamy, esoteric, progressive rock.

Weird, interesting, and nourishing, fans of Tool, Primus, and Frank Zappa should keep an eye and ear out for the next album from Dizzy Mystics.

The video for “Centre of the 8” can be seen via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE

For more info:
https://facebook.com/ dizzymystics
https://instagram.com/ dizzymystics


Dizzy Mystics Soup for the Rocker’s Soul;
2 cups Psychedelic
2 cups Progressive
1 cup Hearty 70’s Metal
3 tbsp. Jazz
3 tbsp. Funk
2 tbsp. Folk
1 tbsp. Soul
A pinch of Celtic Pepper is optional

(Measurements of each ingredient are subject to change for each batch made)

As the recipe implies, rock music is the spoon that stirs the soup, and no genre (or spice) is out of the question for Dizzy Mystics. Climbing out the stock pot in 2015, Dizzy Mystics are a psychedelic rock band based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. One can expect a dynamically diverse, tastefully complex, and energetic dose of adventurous hard rock with feet moving rhythmic swagger, and stargazing melodies.

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