Hello from Michael's Music Blog Thursday October 15 2020, 7:30 PM
Hello from Michael's Music Blog

Something big is happening!

We have an exciting announcement to make and can't wait to share it with you! Visit our   website   to get all the updates and more.

I have a new Article to share. It has been my most popular post by far this year. It is my story about the dangerous effects of psychiatric medications, and how they destroyed my life. It is well documented with articles and videos by experts and offers hope with new treatment options that help the brain heal itself.

https://michaelsmusicblog.com/ psychiatric-drugs-are-bad

I also found an organization that encourages living sustainably. It presents facts that I have been aware of for a long time but organized them beautifully into an actual movie, and they are working on a second that chronicles the existence of technology and inventions that produce more energy than they use and do so without destroying the environment. Watch the first movie here -   https://michaelsmusicblog.com/ the-thrive-movement

Also remember, I make Music Videos. I do understand the plight of Independent Musicians, particularly in the days of COVID 19. Not only are my prices the lowest you will find, Anyone who knows me knows that there is quite a bit of difference between what I list and what is actually paid. I am here for you guys, not the other way around. If I can help you please feel free to ask.   https://michaelsmusicblog.com/ photography%2Fvideography

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