New Music Release Silence Equals Death "Revolution Rising" Friday November 13 2020, 10:03 AM
New Music Release Silence Equals Death "Revolution Rising"

Silence Equals Death is a hardcore quintet, hailing from the Garden State of New Jersey. Drawing heavy influences from the infamous New York Hardcore scene, SED sound is classic, brash and raw. No punches are pulled on "Revolution Rising", the title track from their upcoming release due out on November 13, 2020 through Upstate Records and Blood Blast Distribution.
There's no denying that 2020 will be remembered for a tumultuous socio-political climate. Sides are divided. Trust and unity are lost. "Revolution Rising" speaks to an unimaginable breaking point. A call for action. A call for change.
"Waving flags in the name of fiction
Holding tight for the homicide
Killing fields seem to fit
But nobody's listening
Nobody listening
To the sound of the coming revolution"
Vocalist, Scott Earth drew inspiration for "Revolution Rising based upon what has not just happened in 2020 but something he has observed happening for some time. "I feel like the uprising of the oppressed reaching this magnitude has been brewing for a few years. Sadly it took a while for others to rise up with them. With all change comes uncertainty"
Hardcore is a culture. A movement. A voice for change. Silence Equals Death proudly carries the proverbial hardcore flag, preserving the integrity of a scene that embraces diversity and respect for one another. The time is now. The revolution for change has begun.

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