FUCK THE FACTS Shares "An Ending" Off Upcoming Album "Pleine Noirceur" Wednesday November 11 2020, 6:44 PM
FUCK THE FACTS Shares "An Ending" Off Upcoming Album "Pleine Noirceur"

L - R: Melanie Mongeon, Mathieu Vilandre, Topon Das
Photo by Anndy Negative

"Pleine Noirceur" is the upcoming album from Canadian grindcore champions Fuck The Facts. Set for release on November 20th via their very own label Noise Salvation, the full length follows their 2015 Juno nominated "Desire Will Rot". "Pleine Noirceur" continues right where the band left off, offering up another slab of their patented “bastardized” grindcore full of all the twists and turns that fans have come to expect.

Leading up to the record's deliverance, the trio has previewed songs "Ailleurs", "Dropping Like Flies", "Everything I Love Is Ending" and the album's title track. Today, just days away from "Pleine Noirceur" discharging to headphones and speakers around the globe, the band is sharing their latest single "An Ending", the second last closer on the album.

Guitarist Topon Das adds:

"This song deviates from the more grindcore and head-bashing tunes on the record to show more of our melodic side. Not referenced as often, but the early days of bands like Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Enchantment & Cemetary definitely had a strong influence on my writing as well. There's a dark and depressing feel to the song that really embodies the theme of the whole album." 

Listen to "An Ending" via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE .

Fuck The Facts has amassed a respectable discography over the years, and this new offering joins the 7 LPs and 6 EPs released to date. The considerable amount of time the band has been working together shows in the natural chemistry that courses through each of the 12 tracks. Fuck The Facts comments on the album:

“We took a long break before working on this album, I feel like it’s a collection of bits and pieces; old and new, short and long. It’s us working back into the groove, just in time for a pandemic. This album also could have easily been 3 EPs, you really have to listen to the whole thing in order to fully enjoy it. It opens the door for what is next.”

What started as a basement recording project in the late 90s has blossomed into one of the most prolific bands in the Canadian extreme underground scene. Fuck The Facts have always been more about making albums than just writing songs, using what’s left over for a separate EP, but this time around they decided to put the extra songs as bonus tracks on the different physical copies of the release, so the vinyl, CD and cassette versions will each have a different bonus track that’s not available on the digital release.

The unapologetic, experimental album probably needs a few listens in order to fully enjoy. Put on some noise-canceling headphones, choose your drug of choice, close your eyes, and enjoy. 

Recommended for fans of Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, and Morbid Angel, “Pleine Noirceur” will be available in several different formats on November 20, 2020.

Album Pre-order HERE .

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Previous Singles:
"Ailleurs" - YouTube (Music Video)
"Pleine Noirceur" - YouTube (Music Video)
"Dropping Like Flies" - YouTube
"Everything I Love Is Ending" - YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Doubt, Fear Neglect (6:47)
2. Ailleurs (1:17)
3. Pleine Noirceur (5:42)
4. Aube (1:24)
5. Sans Lumiere (4:23)
6. Sans Racines (0:38)
7. Everything I Love Is Ending (4:14)
8. A Dying Light (3:41)
9. Dropping Like Flies (4:04)
10. L’abandon (2:07)
11. An Ending (3:27)
12. _cide (3:59)
Album Length: 41:46

For more info:

Started as a recording project in the late ’90s, it wasn’t until 2001 that the work ethic that produced a slew of underground releases drove Fuck The Facts towards full band status and into the live arena. Since then, the Ottawa-based unit has barely stopped for a breath of reconsideration, associating themselves with some of the biggest labels in underground extreme music, as well as continuing a steady output of DIY releases. Having toured hundreds of thousands of kilometers throughout North America and Europe, guitarist/founder Topon Das, vocalist Mel Mongeon and drummer Mathieu Vilandré have performed as some of the biggest festivals and sweated it out in some of the smallest basements. From 2006-2011 Fuck the Facts released three albums via underground powerhouse label, Relapse Records.  Upon the completion of their contract, the quintet decided it was time to put the finishing touches on the proverbial full-circle, returning to the world of fierce independence and creative control. Their most recent releases were produced entirely at their own studio, self-released, and shows Fuck The Facts efforts as an entity continuing to grow musically and personally while developing a deeper understanding of what significance their art holds to them. As one of the longest-running and most recognizable names in Canadian Grindcore, FUCK THE FACTS continue to deliver their brand of "Bastardized Grindcore" with no end in sight.

- 30 - 

“Fuck the Facts is one of the most prolific grind-based bands in Canada’s big, weird extreme music scene.” - Noisey

"avant-garde grindcore road warriors...boundless chaotic energy and unrestrained sense of experimentation. - Exclaim

“Their formidable discography is speckled with blips and bursts of every shade of extreme metal, hardcore, punk, and noise imaginable, spearheaded by vocalist Mel Mongeon’s razor-edged larynx and mastermind Topon Das’ mad fretboard genius.” - Pitchfork

“FUCK THE FACTS brings a strong collection of extreme metal tunes, often technical and scathing, sometimes grindy and with just enough melody to digest without heartburn.” - Blabbermouth

“explosive and ferocious” - Metal Sucks

“Fuck The Facts aren’t your average grindcore band.” - No Clean Singing

“Canadian grindcore hurricane” - CVLT Nation

“It's impossible to deny that the grindcore-meets-death-metal hybrid sound they've created” - Lambgoat

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