New video: MANTICORA releases 2nd video from critically acclaimed 9th album Wednesday November 11 2020, 5:31 AM
New video: MANTICORA releases 2nd video from critically acclaimed 9th album

Pressrelease / New video: MANTICORA releases 2nd video from critically acclaimed 9th album
Danish prog-thrash veterans, MANTICORA have released the 2nd video offering from their critically acclaimed 9th album "To Live To Kill To Live", the follow-up and 2nd part of a huge concept, to 2018's "To Kill To Live To Kill" - both albums, based on the 334-page horror/thriller novel that lead singer Lars F. Larsen wrote.
Video link here:

The album has been amazingly received by the press to a degree that MANTICORA have never in their 20+ career received such appraisal from an almost united press-core, so the band felt that a 2nd video offering would be appropriate.

This semi-lyrical video for the song "Katana - Death Of The Meaning Of Life" - a song, with a very strong Nevermore-ish feel to it, is vividly composed and produced by the talented Chilean video producer Federico Bossinga from the company Abstract Chaos.

The story of the song is again a very sad, bordering on despair-inducing, tale which the band is delving deep into at several occasions on the last 2 albums, making up the huge concept.

Bass-player, Kasper Gram explains the story:
Since this song deals with the story in which a young Dutch sailor - situated in Hong Kong, 1921, at the time when the story takes place - is falling in love with a local prostitute and looking at what he calls the love of his life, getting brutally murdered by local thugs, we wanted to express ourselves in colours that match the story.
The light blue colours, resembling the room in which most of the story takes place, the dark red, resembling the extreme amount of blood, present in the story, when several people are killed in violent ways (by means of either gun or Katana.

Federico was fed the lyrics, the story and all our ideas and impressions of this sad story and he has splendidly matched the storyline with the colours and imagery.
Tracklist for "To Live To Kill To Live":
01. Katana - The Moths And the Dragonflies/Katana - Mud
02. To Nanjing (instrumental)
03. The Farmer's Tale Pt. 3 - Eaten By The Beasts
04. Slaughter In The Desert Room
05. Through The Eyes Of The Killer - Filing Teeth
06. Katana - Death Of The Meaning Of Life
07. Tasered/Ice Cage
08. Goodbye Tina
09. Tasered/Removal
10. Stalin Strikes (instrumental)
11. Ten Thousand Cold Nights
12. Katana - Beheaded
The music on both albums was recorded partially in the band's own studio and recorded/mixed in Hansen Studios, with World-famous producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, a.o.) who also produced the first two MANTICORA albums back in the last millennium.
The 334 page novel itself was released in May 2018, followed by the first album of the concept in August 2018.
MANTICORA have released 9 critically acclaimed albums, since 1999, and toured numerous times around Europe, North America and Japan + played at prestigious festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival, Copenhell, Karmøygeddon, ProgPower USA, etc.

Kristian Larsen - guitars
Lars F. Larsen - vocals
Stefan Johansson - guitars
Kasper Gram - bass
Lawrence Dinamarca - drums

Roots Of Eternity (1999)
Darkness With Tales To Tell (2001)
Hyperion (2002)
8 Deadly Sins (2004)
The Black Circus - part 1 (2006)
The Black Circus - part 2 (2007)
Safe (2010)
To Kill To Live To Kill (2018)
To Live To Kill To Live (2020)

Manticora Live:
06.02.2021: DK - Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
06.03.2021: DK - Gimle, Roskilde
14.05.2021: DK - Hads Herred Rockfest, Gylling
...much more to come...

Manticora online:

Video link:
"Katana - Death Of The Meaning Of Life" (2020 semi-lyrical video from the album "To Live To Kill To Live")

"Eaten By the Beasts" (2020 video from the album "To Live To Kill To Live")

"Echoes Of A Silent Scream" (2018 video from the album "To Kill To Live To Kill")

ViciSolum Records

Enorm Music GmbH


Engl Amplifiers
Sandberg Basses & Strings
Meinl Cymbals
Pro-Mark sticks
Evans Drumskins
Solar Guitars

Review scores for "To Live To Kill To Live":

The Metal Mag: 100/100 10/10
The Progspace: 5/5
Legacy Magazine Germany: 14/15
Sonic Perspectives: 9.5/10
Rockcastle Franken: 9/10
Keep On Rocking: 9/10
Metal 9/10
Deaf Forever magazine: 9/10
Metal Heads Forever: 9/10
Time For Metal: 9/10
Metal Asylum: 9/10
Ever-metal: 9/10
Worldofmetalmag: 9/10
Seigneurs Du Metal: 9/10
The Black Planet: 9/10
The Progressive Subway: 9/10
MetalKaoz: 9/10
Pasifagresif: 9/10
Surviving The Golden Age: 9.4/10
Norway Rock Mag: 5/6
Metalmania mag: 5/6
Metal-Rules: 4.5/5
Metal Hammer Germany: 5/7
Angrymetalguy: 4/5
Misupedia Of Metal 8/10
Metal Forever & Metal Man: 8/10
Aardschok: 8/10
Rock Hard Germany: 8/10
Metalized magazine: 8/10
Heavymusic Headquarters: 4.5/5
Raven Rock 4.5/5 8/10 (ALBUM OF THE MONTH!)
Crossfire 8/10 4/5
Powerplay mag: 8/10
Ghost Cult mag: 8/10
The Metal Crypt: 4/5 11/15
The Headbanging Moose: 3.5/5
Scream Magazine: 4/6
Metalbite: 7.6/10 7.5/10
Aux Portes Du Metal: 16/20
Sweden Rock Magazine: 7/10

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