Follow These Steps To Write The Perfect Music Press Release Wednesday August 18 2021, 8:45 PM
Follow These Steps To Write The Perfect Music Press Release

A press release is a very important part of the music industry. Press releases act as pitches, first communications and publicity all at once, so they must be written carefully and concisely in order to convey all that’s needed without overbearing the audience and “overstaying your welcome”.

If your press release isn’t perfect, it’s very likely it’ll get deleted from stakeholder’s inboxes in the blink of an eye, so if you don’t have time to hire a PR assistant or a publicist but want to craft the perfect essays to promote your music or tour, read on!

  1. Make it newsworthy

What does this mean? Don’t send out press releases for no specific reason, give it a hook and a twist, engage the reader, and convince them that you’re IT. This can prove difficult as it’s hard to promote yourself like you’re a news headline, so don’t be shy to ask your family or friends to steer you in the direction they find interesting about you!

  1. Keep it short

PR expert at Essayroo and Paper Fellows Drew Don emphasizes- “One page is ideal, two if you really must but no more. Journalists don’t have time to read effusive essays gushing with information. Give them straight facts, be assertive and to the point and you’ll see results.” You may want to create a short template and work from it every time you do a press release, it’ll save you time and you may even get scouted by media outlets and labels if you add contact information. 

  1. Only use third person

Even if you’re writing about yourself, always always always use the third person in a press release. It’s not a feature piece about your life, look at it as a fact sheet with useful information for journalists about what you do and what’s interesting about it. Never say I or we as the press release should read like an outsider describing an artist.

  1. Make it readable

When writing a press release, make sure you’re not stringing one sentence after another in an endless spill of words, as your reader will simply get confused and probably not understand what you’re trying to say. Ideally you won’t create sentences that are longer than 20 words and you’ll divide your release in paragraphs that aren’t too overwhelming for the reader to tackle.

  1. Forget about the headline

Don’t worry about making a catchy headline, that’s the journalists job. Just create a title that’s informative and let the journalist do the rest. It’ll save you time and the journalist will probably thank you too!

  1. Use the help of writing tools

There is no shame in using the help of online tools to perfect your press release. Hemingwayapp is a good editing tool to polish your press release so its error free. OXEssays and Boomessays have great writing guides you can use to get started and face that ever-daunting blank page.

  1. Write a 1 st paragraph that counts

The first paragraph in a press release is all important. It’s where you want to pack in all the key information in a concise way. All your essential points should be summarised in the first paragraph, as it’s the first few lines a journalist will read and what will likely sway him or her to write about you. 

  1. A detailed 2 nd paragraph

Whilst the first paragraph is probably the most important part, the 2 nd paragraph should also be carefully crafted. This space is your opportunity to add some colour to your press release by being more descriptive and adding more detail, convincing your reader as to why you’re unique and your work is exciting.

  1. Write a good conclusion

Tell the reader where they can find more information, give contact details and include links to your socials so journalists can get in touch with you, or even better, link you to their articles.

  1. Give your story a unique angle

Remember the music industry is rife with competition, and loving music in it of itself wont set you apart from other musicians. Find an interesting angle that makes you unique and stick with it, as it’ll rise your chances of getting seen! 

Emily Henry enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses. She writes for Do My Assignment service blog and is a professional writer at Write My Paper and State Of Writing who has been involved in many projects throughout the country.

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