Solitary - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Sunday November 8 2020, 12:00 AM
Solitary - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Richard from Solitary joins us on the show to talk about the new record and the the bands plans for the future. We take questions from the live chat and play new releases from Solitary, Incursion, Pantera, Insidious Disease, Corrupted Saint, ASPHYX, Motörhead, Severed Resistence, BECOMING, Dust Prophet, Conduit, Bog Wizard, Possessed Steel, KILLER BE KILLED, LORD DIVINE, Evocatus, FEUERSCHWANZ, Gangs Of Old Ladies, Robert Navajas, Old Horn Tooth, Ignitor, Junior Bruce, BERZERKER LEGION, Accept, Outlaw Devils, DISBELIEF, LOTAN, DEVOUROR. We also play a classic from Black Sabbath!

Track List:

1 Prologue and Warrior Of Destruction/Guiding Faith/Fade To Black - Incursion
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit/We'll Grind That Axe for a Long Time/Immortally Insane - Pantera
4 - Betrayer - Insidious Disease
5 - Tomb of the Tyrant - Corrupted Saint
6 - Voodoo - Black Sabbath
7 - Solitary Interview Featuring I Will Not Tolerate/Abominate/The Dark - The Resilient
8 - Botox Implosion - ASPHYX
9 - Ace of Spades/The Chase Is Better Than the Catch/(We Are) The Road Crew - Motörhead
10 - Wishing Well - Severed Resistence
11 - Wish - BECOMING
12 - Down Below - Dust Prophet
13 - Constable - Conduit
14 - Swamp Golem - Bog Wizard
15 - Spellblade/Skeleton King - Possessed Steel
16 - Inner Calm From Outer Storms - KILLER BE KILLED
17 - Burning Heart - LORD DIVINE
18 - Bane's Heresy - Evocatus
19 - Hier kommt Alex - FEUERSCHWANZ
20 - For God and the Devil Are One - Gangs Of Old Ladies
21 - Hail Satan - Robert Navajas
22 - Old Horn Tooth - Old Horn Tooth
23 - The Golden Age of Black Magick - Ignitor
24 - 7,000,000 Years (Ancient Astronaut) - Junior Bruce
25 - Obliterate The Weak - BERZERKER LEGION
26 - Too Mean To Die - Accept
27 - Night Groove (Vampires Kiss) - Outlaw Devils
28 - The Awakening’ - DISBELIEF
29 - Acta Non Verba - LOTAN
30 - Atomic Crossfire - DEVOUROR

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With the new studio album The Truth Behind the Lies, UK thrash legends SOLITARY celebrate their METALVILLE RECORDS label debut on October 23rd.

It’s more than 20 five years now since SOLITARY planted their standard and pledged their allegiance to the thrash metal cause. Over the decades, their commitment has been unflinching, their integrity unquestionable, and with 2008's Requiem album, they delivered an album to challenge the genre’s best. Requiem received great reviews from the major metal press.

The next few years were spent playing live at every opportunity, taking the thrash to the masses. SOLITARY also took part in the Headbangers Balls tour, raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Having played so many great shows, the band decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary, in 2014, with the release of a live album. The album was called I Promise To Thrash Forever, once more confirming SOLITARY’s total dedication to pure thrash metal. It was also the perfect way and time to close the first chapter of the SOLITARY story.
2017 proved to be one of the most exciting years to date for SOLITARY – kicking off with the release of a brand-new album, The Diseased Heart Of Society. With the help of world-renowned producer Simon Efemey (Napalm Death , Paradise Lost, Obituary, Amorphis), SOLITARY had created the heaviest and most intense album of their career. Praise poured in from the world’s metal press, and prestigious shows followed. Ever-present band frontman Rich Sherrington also put pen to paper and wrote the band’s biography, I Promise To Thrash Forever:

The Solitary Story.

The release of a special 20th anniversary edition of SOLITARY’s debut album, Nothing Changes, followed. Remastered and with some bonus demo tracks, the album saw SOLITARY back in the press.
The final days of 2018 saw SOLITARY return to London, where they joined old friends Lawnmower Deth and Xentrix for a thrashing Xmas classic of a show, ending the year on a real high.
2019 marked 25 years of diehard metal for SOLITARY, a quarter of a century of staying true to the principles they hold dear and the music they love.

Such a milestone could not be allowed to slip by unnoticed, and in the summer, the band headed out to Europe once again, to perform at the Aggressive Music Fest. Following that, they returned to the UK for a triumphant performance at the UK’s premiere all-metal festival – Bloodstock Open Air. To coincide with their Bloodstock appearance, SOLITARY also released a limited-edition EP, XXV.

In January 2020, they returned to Foel Studios, with Simon Efemey once more at the helm. When they emerged, after a grueling work schedule, they had something quite stunning on their hands: an album to eclipse everything in the SOLITARY back catalog.

This is where a whole new story begins... 
SOLITARY lineup 2020
Richard Sherrington – vocals/guitar
Andy Mellor – lead guitars
Gaz Harrop – bass
Roy Miller - drums


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