Enter The "Ripzone" w/ Entropy Guitarist's Shredding New Playthrough Friday November 6 2020, 4:08 PM
Enter The "Ripzone" w/ Entropy Guitarist's Shredding New Playthrough

L-R: Oscar Rangel (Bass), Ger Schreinert (Vocals), Dan Lauzon (Guitar), Blake Lemieux (Drums)
Photo Credit – Pamela Ashton - Lauzon

If you know your Canadian thrash then you know the legendary Entropy. The band first hit the metal scene in the late 80s and 30 years later they are still melting faces with their latest full-length “Force Convergence” unleashed this past August.

Today, Entropy guitarist Dan Lauzon is sharing a lesson in shredding with his playthrough for the band's track "Ripzone".

Lauzon comments on the video:

"'Ripzone' is a straight-up ripper!! This was the 1st or 2nd tune written for the album. For years, the working title was ripper! Right from the start, I wanted a less is more approach on this tune for leads; man I wanted to shred all over the middle parts... but knowing this was likely the lead-off track I wanted to melt faces with the crush. Pound it and snap some necks!!

The throwback to some classic Maiden/Priest style harmonies going on in the 2 bridges before the lead really sets the table so when the lead does finally come in, I feel it has way more of an impact. The 2 guitars layered under the lead make it feel huge. It's the first time I've harmonized a lead since the 'Ashen Existence' album. It just made sense to me to go for it.

Our tuning is E-flat drop D so the E is C sharp. Have fun with it – warm that right hand up first for maximum jackhammer action!"

Enter the "Ripzone" via its premiere on TechnicalMusicReview HERE

Entropy's fourth album “Force Convergence” is a 30-minute metal rip-ride! It is a creative and fun album that flows with power, melody, aggressiveness, and meaning along with it being a story-driven cinematic sci-fi adventure. 

The thrashers share the premise of the concept album: 

“We wanted to bring metal fans a sci-fi horror experience with the album story. The lyrical inspiration is from bands like Rush, Queensryche, Voivod, Iron Maiden, and also from films like Aliens, Predator, War Of The World’s, Independence Day, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. There is also a sprinkle of war scene themes throughout the story, like Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Starship Troopers, mixed in for fun.” 

With an original and eclectic sound that is 30 years in the making, Entropy is suitable for all metalheads especially those who enjoy Slayer, Pantera, and Iron Maiden.

"Force Convergence" is now out and available on Entropymetal.com (CD) plus Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms HERE .

Album Stream - YouTube .

Lyric Video - "Ripzone" YouTube .

Track Listing:
1. Everything Falls (1:03)
2. Ripzone (4:10)
3. Planetary Impact Extinction (6:30)
4. Threshold of Decimation (4:44)
5.Weaponized Storm System (4:52)
6. Transmigration (2:41)
7. Force Convergence (5:11)
Album Length: 29:15

Entropy is:
Album / Live Band Line Up:
Ger Schreinert (Vocals)
Dan Lauzon (Guitar)
Oscar Rangel (Bass)
Blake Lemieux (Drums)

For more info:


Formed in Toronto in the late 80s, Canadian metal band Entropy has released 3 albums on their own independent label, Ashen Existence (1992), Transcendence (1995), and E3 (2012).

The quartet of Oscar Rangel (bass), Ger Schreinert (vocals), Dan Lauzon (guitar), and Blake Lemieux (drums) mark their own eclectic style of metal. Lauzon writes the songs as guitar music structures. Schreinert gets down the lyrics and vocal lines. Rangel contributes with beautiful classical guitar and creative bass lines throughout the songs. Lemieux composes the drum parts, and the result is brutal and elegant at the same time.

The unique sound of Entropy comes from a blend of thrash, death, prog, groove, speed, and power metal stylings. The original sound coupled with strong reviews in print and web media for their independent CD releases, Entropy has performed extensive shows for their fans, playing live with such legendary acts as Annihilator, Piledriver, Fear Factory, Razor, Obituary, and Anvil and countless local Canadian bands.

Entropy’s independent album releases have become somewhat of an underground metal collector’s item, with on-line reports of eBay bids going up to $500 USD for an original copy of Ashen Existence!

As of August 2020, Entropy will release the fourth album Force Convergence, with even more music planned after that. Entropy thanks their fans, and metal album collectors from around the world, for the continued interest and support of their unique brand of metal.

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