Stream the New Electric Wizard Song, “See You in Hell” Saturday September 9 2017, 3:36 PM
Stream the New Electric Wizard Song, “See You in Hell”

Electric Wizard’s new long playing rekkid, Wizard Bloody Wizard, is coming out November 10th, which is should be exciting news for metalheads, weirdos and delinquents the world over. The fully analogue LP was produced by band leader Jus Oborn and guitarist Liz Buckingham in their own Satyr IX recording studio, and we couldn’t be more psyched to hear it.

“It’s an anti-studio, really,” says Jus, “We wanted to put as little between the musicians and the tape as possible. We needed to take stuff away and use less equipment ‘cos I think the raw sound of the band is killer. Studios have progressively made the recording situation more difficult and convoluted. I always think the best recordings are the simplest and most basic ones. So, yeah, we built the studio that we wanted… mics, mixing desk, tape machine… that’s it. No bullshit.”

No bullshit is right. Check out See You In Hell, the first single off the album, right here: Via Kerrang

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