Scatterface 2020 (Rock / Pop / Electronic / Industrial) Echozone Release: 6 November 2020 Friday November 6 2020, 11:25 AM
Scatterface 2020 (Rock / Pop / Electronic / Industrial) Echozone Release: 6 November 2020

Band: Scatterface
Album Title: 2020
Label: Echozone
Release Date: 6th November, 2020
Genre: Rock / Pop / Electronic / Industrial
A true iconoclast, Scatterface takes genres and melts them into unique creations on his powerful debut album ‘2020’. The potpourri of styles is part of the joy of the album for the sudden jumps stun. Industrial, ambient, hard rock, folk, and more all filter into the mix. Colorful to the extreme the entire album is best taken in as a singular whole for the expansiveness of the sound needs to simply wash over the listener. Vocalists sing with so much passion with lyrics that reveal a sense of poetry. Exploration ties the whole of the album together for there is a dramatic tension that underlies it all. With a true ear for melody these tracks linger in the mind long after the album has ended. Emotionally fraught the way the sound careens unexpectedly further lend the approach additional heft. Impossible to truly pin down, ‘2020’ draws from a wide swath of influences. While there are hooks within the album, how he deploys them varies greatly. For the industrial kick, the influence from Nine Inch Nails becomes obvious. Like Nine Inch Nails, there is an intense focus on production along with a dark eeriness. The heavier aspects of the sound recall the glory of early Type O Negative in terms of the sheer physicality of the sound. Perhaps the major theme of the sound comes from the exploration of the underbelly of sound.
Influences for the Album:
Nine Inch Nails, Priest, Ghost, Iron Maiden, Carpenter Brut, Marilyn Manson
Track Suggestions: 
Lust II
Chris Techritz, also known by his pseudonym ‘Scatterface’ is an artist, producer and songwriter located nearby Munich (Germany). The first thing that listeners will notice about his work is the fact that he has very broad and varied approach to his sound, channeling a wide variety of influences – including classical composers like Beethoven, as well as industrial and metal acts as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, or even edgy synth wave acts such as Priest, only to mention a few.
Scatterface is the brainchild of a musician, who has been creating songs ever since 2001, when he was only 16. Back then, he wanted to start a nu-metal band in the vein of artists like KoRn. A bit later, he eventually was one of the founding members of the industrial rock band =FUDGE=, in which he plays synthesizers and is their vocalist. Eight years of making heavy music later, he decided to take a leap and also establish his solo project, Scatterface!
For his debut album ‘2020’, he not only wrote and produced his own songs, but also collaborated with dozens of other musicians, from all over the world! This move gave his songs the final touch, adding various instruments and textures to the mix. Meanwhile, Scatterface has formed a live band. They are currently in rehearsal room and preparing for post-COVID-19 shows in the near future!
Live Band Line-Up:
Chris Techritz - vocals
Tamara Radler - vocals
Vitali Bull - guitars
Sebastian Michaelis - guitars
Paul Curtis - bass
Jake Curtis - drums
CD Track Listing:
02. State Of Change
03. NULL
04. Symptoms
05. Lust II
06. Snowflake
07. Apocalypse
08. Kyosis
09. Path Of The Sun
10. Endless Rain
11. Secret Rooms
12. State Of Truth
13. 2020
14. Apnoea
15. We All Float
16. Endless Rain (Instrumental) (Hidden Track)
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