DAVE LOMBARDO Talks MISFITS In New Interview Friday September 8 2017, 2:56 PM

Dave Lombardo says that the reunited classic lineup of the MISFITS should tour extensively on the back of the band's early material before contemplating making new music.

The former SLAYER drummer was sitting behind the kit for Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein when the the horror punk outfit played two historic reunion shows in 2016 at Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago. Prior to those gigs, the trio last performed together on October 29, 1983.

Asked by The MetalSucks Podcast if he thinks the MISFITS can come up with a new album that matches the band's classic offerings, Lombardo said (hear audio below): "Honestly… I'm gonna be brutally honest here. I would suggest for them to tour as much as they can off those original records, because there's some serious magic in those melodies and that songwriting. I don't know if… With the growth of each musician in that band, their method of songwriting has evolved. So I don't know if that… Unless they maybe bring in a producer that hones them and dials them into… says, 'No, the song is too long now. We're over two minutes. The song's too long. That can't be.' Maybe it can work. But I honestly… Hey, the MISFITS are the MISFITS. They can do what they want. I'm a hired gun, and I'll just stay back. And if they wanna record, I'm there."

As previously reported, the MISFITS will play on December 30 at the Forum in Los Angeles, California. This concert will mark the band's only 2017 performance.

Joining Glenn, Jerry, Doyle and Dave at the Riot Fest shows was second guitarist Acey Slade.

Only told Rolling Stone last September that he wanted the MISFITS reunion to keep going. "I know Doyle wants it to continue. I know Glenn wants it to continue," he said. "We just have to be big enough people to make it continue. And that's where we're at. Whatever it takes. We're going into our fortieth anniversary, so the timing couldn't be more perfect."

The original MISFITS band broke up in 1983, and Only brought forth a new version of the MISFITS in 1995. Various members have come and gone, but Only, along with BLACK FLAG's Dez Cadena, has kept some form of the MISFITS in the recording studio and on the road for most of the last two decades. Via Blabbermouth

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