Luna 13 - God.Dis - Reviewed By Lack Of Lies! Wednesday November 4 2020, 12:00 AM
Luna 13 - God.Dis - Reviewed By Lack Of Lies!

Luna 13 - God.Dis - Reviewed By Lack Of Lies! Check it out here at this link:

The black / bass / metal entourage LUNA13 calls their electronically distorted mix of styles of electronica, industrial and black metal elements Deathtronica. The duo from Los Angeles, California can do without any guitars or bass ax, and so Dr. Luna the electronically generated, dark, often brutal sound structures, as well as the coarse vocals of the horned diva Satanica "Lilith Bathory" in a hell of a way, so that you don't really miss the stringed instruments. LUNA13 otherwise rely on an accessible architecture of their compositions, which is flavored with various nuances from coldwave, synth sounds and drum patterns. The Occult'n'Evil Black Bass representatives, who were lifted from the unconsecrated baptism in 2015,build on canned, driving rhythms that get under your skin, dominant groove, sometimes shrill cyber punk elements and monstrous, electronically infected bass.
With their "modern kind of witchcraft" LUNA13 create an ultra nasty atmosphere and (especially in their worth seeing videos) they like to indulge in Satanism, whereby the badness of the bizarre always harmonizes with the otherness of the grotesque. The individual pieces bring their own individual flow into play. So extravagant, but absolutely sophisticated and precisely fitting electronic sequences mix with the unmistakable and fundamentally evil sound scheme. The black bass duo LUNA13 creates frighteningly disturbing, dystopian scenarios, where they like to garnish their distorted industrial horror themes with swarming, voluminous sound waves, flavor them with heavily distorted acid and saw bass or even cauterize them with coarse blast beat drum patterns.The Iron Demoness beguiles and conjures up their auditorium with their demonic-witch-like chants, which were turned over and over again by the electronic shredder.
LUNA13 - God.Dis

In "God.Dis [intro]" only creaking, a xylophone and the muffled voices of singer Lilith can be heard. Then "Cursing The Sky" continues with laughter, a mighty bass hit, the aforementioned swirled synth sounds, and the diabolically bestial distorted vokills of Develyn Lilith Bathory. The catchy, extremely fat bass monster "Sacrificial Lamb" also uses the common and tried and tested LUNA13 stylistic devices, adds a few more samples and, with its fat bass bridge, creates a perfect satanic maelstrom that has been cooled down to absolute zero. "Black Stars Shine" has an ass-tight flow with its light dubstep influences.Without even a spark of warmth or hope in her voice, Lilith sings about the perfect ode to the lightbringer with "Illuminati Lucifer Party". In terms of sound, the whole thing shows certain parallels to DAS ICH every now and then. The ensuing "The Beast Within" is a bitterly angry number like torn from the very own beast from the throat of hell. Another highlight is the gloomy, groovy bass hum "UNDED" with its vocal looping. In "Sekhmet" the dynamic, electronically generated synth sounds are stretched, like a Möbius tape turned upside down, placed around curves or compressed to perfect density In the narrow corner. Finally, LUNA13 is given to us by Satan's rotten fruit in the form of the strong bouncer "Bull Horned Home". 
LUNA13 - God.Dis

If you include the remix album "Lilit" from 2017, "God.Dis" is LUNA13's seventh flywheel. The nine new compositions by style icons Doc Luna and Lilith Bathory have a total rotation time of 33:06 minutes. The lyrics of the dark mistress advance into topics about witchcraft, nuclear wars and modern conspiracy theories. "God.Dis" was produced, which, how could it be otherwise, will be released on Friday, November 13th, 2020 by sound tinkerer Dr. Luna himself. Mastering, however, was done by Stephen Lam / SLam. Sick of mankind - launch the end time!

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