Focal Dystonia - Descending (in)human Flesh Feel The Ferocity Of 12 International Vocalists Who Unite To Unleash Brutal Death Metal Hell! Tuesday November 3 2020, 5:37 AM
Focal Dystonia - Descending (in)human Flesh Feel The Ferocity Of 12 International Vocalists Who Unite To Unleash Brutal Death Metal Hell!

Swallowed retorts, suppressed emotions, stupidity and mockery allowed to go unchallenged and casual cruelties accepted with a smile. Confrontation quietly avoided as you wend your way through life leaving barely a footprint to mark your passing; until the day when the body usurps the rule of the mind. Primal rage ignites in the long cold furnaces of the heart and you become a prisoner of your indignant flesh. The tormentors begin to bleed and the ignorant begin to die as you scream for it to stop from your cell in the eye of the tornado. But the beast is unleashed and the thousand degrading moments will be repaid in a million rabid blows...until they are silent, until bones are dust and flesh is liquid and your path of least resistance is awash with blood.

The sound of Focal Dystonia is the epitome of brutish, violent, unrelenting chaos. The wild barbarity captured in their songs seems to claw at the speakers, desperate to rip its way into the world and kill without mercy, without end. Before you even hit ‘play’ there is a sense of pulsing, mindless malice waiting to be set free and when the inhuman battery of ‘Ascending Thy Abhorrent Gods’ erupts from the silence and the hell ride of debut album, Descending (In)Human Flesh begins, it’s like a physical attack, leaving you in shock. This is Brutal Death Metal in its purest, most overwhelming form. The explosive fury of Focal Dystonia was summoned into bloody existence in early 2020 by multi-instrumentalist Floor van Kuijk (Korpse/Carnifloor) and drummer Florent Duployer (Anachronism/Kakothanasy), the speed with which the duo perfected their creation a testament to their innate understanding of the diabolic art of brutality. To give voice to the insanity of Focal Dystonia they then recruited a bestial battalion of torn-throat psychopaths – no fewer than twelve monstrous vocalists bringing the likes of ‘Neurotic Depravity’ and ‘Subjected To Sickness’ to grisly life. There has never been such an assembly of international vocal savagery in extreme metal history! For now their names remain a closely guarded secret, to be revealed one by one as the release date for Descending (In)Human Flesh approaches.

December 11th is the date set for the release of Focal Dystonia’s staggering debut through Comatose Music – where else would such a warped outpouring of depravity find a home? A horrifying love letter to the brutal death metal scene, Descending (In)Human Flesh is everything that fans could desire and it will surely become recognised as a genre defining classic. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of unprecedented proportions and expect no mercy

Floor van Kuijk – Guitar/Bass
Florent Duployer – Drums
Special guest vocalists to be revealed – watch this space!
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Severe Torture | Suffocation
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