New Album "God.Dis" Coming Friday November 13 Friday October 30 2020, 4:43 PM
New Album "God.Dis" Coming Friday November 13

Friday the 13th of November brings the new album from dark lord duo LUNA13 who will release their latest unholy collection of songs God.Dis through new label, COP International (the home of Stabbing Westward, Deathline International and Suicide Queen). It's lead off by new single “Cursing The Sky” with an accompanying and highly graphic music video that can be seen  HERE . The band previously released a cover of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" HERE  that CodeList called "the most bizarre cover you'll see all year."


LUNA13's forceful Black/Bass/Metal style has some hailing the act as “the bass music scene’s Slayer.” With elements of electronica, black metal and industrial rock, one of the Los Angeles-based band’s curious hallmarks is crossing over from electronica to metal without the use of any guitars. Dr. Luna, the duo’s demented musical maestro creates the voluminous sound solely with synthesizers and distortion pedals by wrapping heavy distortion around sub-bass. Frontwoman Lilith Bathory further brings the spectacle with brutal vocals and trance-inducing dance moves behind her devil horns.

Of the new album, Dr. Luna says, “God.Dis is our most complete release. We are perfecting a new dark sound and God.Dis is Black/Bass/Metal in perfection. Lyrically, Lilith upgraded our dark content to fit the dark trends of 2020.” Thematically, songs on God.Dis cover the grounds of witchcraft, nuclear war and modern conspiracy theories.


Here is a great interview with 100 Percent Rock that gives more insight into the band:  https://100percentrock. com/2020/10/a-dirty-dozen- with-luna13-october-2020/  


As well LUNA13 recently spoke with Playboy Mexico about the feminist perspective of current Satanic music: entretenimiento/nueva-musica- satanica-feminista-combativa/  


God.Dis will be available in CD and digital download formats. Pre-orders


God.Dis track listing:

01. God.Dis[intro]

02. Cursing The Sky

03. Sacrificial Lamb

04. Black Stars Shine

05. Illuminati Lucifer Party

06. The Beast Within


08. Sekhmet

09. Bull Horned Home


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