HADOPELAGYAL and THORYBOS to release split album via AMOR FATI Friday October 30 2020, 2:29 PM
HADOPELAGYAL and THORYBOS to release split album via AMOR FATI

[photos by Void Revelations]

Today, Amor Fati Productions sets December 2nd as the international release date for Conjuring Subterranean Vortex, a special split album between Hadopelagyal and Thorybos, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Appealing in us and widely released from getting placed in vacant definitions, there is resulting pantophagy - bounded by the energies which are at work in us, which are exempted from expression through hollow words and not attempted to be depicted concretely. Our compound exists for what is shaking and flowing in us, naturally grown and born by efforts of disposition in infinity. Doomed in utter vagous cacaesthesia, a haemathermal burning thirst for things that are to be figured out tacitly, which may also wait eternally to get breathed into life and get a name because, raining from the heavens, they will presumably never meet us at all. We vomit what is in our limbs and inhale from our depths what we allow to lead us.

Hadopelagyal regards itself in a state of mad flow. The search for substance and everything connected to it is important for the output or creation. You don’t have to ponder over everything; some things come naturally in such a deep and relentless way that you don’t know what actually hit you. Thus, we take these conditions as they arise and let them vanish without raising any claims. We’ve discarded the pretense of simplicity, and yet, with all the agony and the adversities in the perpetual chaos, we feel a wonderful lightness that gives us ataraxia. It’s certain that meaningful things only originate from fever, where the scourges seem to be without end, where you sink to ashes in purgatory - ashes that don’t wear out as long as something pulsates in you, where malacophonous umbrages claim the toxic climax, where the masks fuse and you consider yourself lost in pandemonism, until the mythical labtebricole creatures fly.

Thorybos, formed in 2008, here present two songs accompanied by two lengthy intros to this split release. Compared to their 2012 debut album, their contribution to the 2014 split with Truppensturm, and their devastating recent EP The Foul and the Flagrant, this material accentuates a more sinister and atmospheric approach, including swarming subtle melodies in the first as well as an extensive doom part and keyboards in the second song. However, all this happens without missing the aggressive directness and killer instinct that made the band one of the torchbearers of the German bestial black/death metal landscape.

Thematically, Thorybos lyricist V. Tyrant - an actual archaeologist and university professor - once again explores various dark and mystic aspects of ancient culture across these songs. "Underground Cemetery" takes especial inspiration from arguably the most fascinating subterranean structure of ancient Malta, known as Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum. The second song, "Temple Prostitution," deals precisely with the phenomenon of sacred sex rites and their paid concubines - not in a derogatory way, but as essential part of religious practice and ritual performance. These four tracks work in magickal harmony/disharmony with Hadopelagyal's three contributions, summarily rendering Conjuring Subterranean Vortex the personification of its ominous namesake.

First track to be revealed shortly. Cover artwork, courtesy of Void Revelations, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Hadopelagyal & Thorybos' Conjuring Subterranean Vortex

Side A:
1: Hadopelagyal – Schattendraeuen
2: Hadopelagyal – Beshrew Thee - Through Mephitic Babeldom In Aphotic Vorago
3: Hadopelagyal – Perspice Obscurum, Ubi Ima Reges, Lucem Contemnes, Ad Amentiam Convertes
Side B:
1: Thorybos – Gate I Hamartigenia
2: Thorybos – Underground Cemetary
3: Thorybos – Gate II Paraphernalia
4: Thorybos – Temple Prostitution

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