Online Slots with Metal Theme Monday October 26 2020, 6:44 PM
Online Slots with Metal Theme

Online Slots with Metal Theme

The popularity of franchises is beneficial in many ways not only to the people involved but also to other sectors too. The posters, clothing, games, etc. capitalize on the popularity and reap huge profits. Casinos too have benefitted a lot from such franchises. This is particularly true in case of slots machines. The numerous themes are a big draw for casinos. From superhero movies to popular TV shows, there are several themed titles to choose from. Many of the top game developers including Micro gaming have used themes derived from comic book derived superheroes.

Music in Casinos

Music is another highly entertaining sector that the slots derive their theme from.It is easy to find several fantastic music related slot themes like the video slots designed on Michael Jackson. The latest slots feature more updated music themes to suit the preference of the present generation casino enthusiasts such as heavy metal and indie music bands.

For music fans who frequent the online casinos in the UK and elsewhere, there are several exciting themed games to enjoy. The UK casinos have some excellent entertainment options that help players have fun in a responsible and safe way. When using the popular Best Slots , you will find the finest and most appealing games, rewards, and hassle-free entertainment all the way.

For song aficionados the following titles will definitely offer a new level of excitement.


The inimitable looking face paint and attires in this themed title can instantly remind you of your favorite music band. This particular slot game consists of colossal reel along with different symbols that are related to the iconic music troupe.

Guns and Roses

Designed by NetEnt, this theme mimics the concerts precisely complete with virtual crowd making the entire premise life like. For true followers, the visuals, settings, and levels are sure to bring joy and nostalgia. A few of the featured titles include the Jungle.

Jimi Hendrix

A much sought-after theme found in several casinos online featuring NetEnt is the Jimi Hendrix titles that feature the guitar player’s solo music as well as songs in a realistic setup. Although the music is not purely metal, the guitarist has made some remarkable contributions including distorted sounds.


Another popular name in music history, Motorhead with several albums, records, and live recordings feature in NetEnt’s slots. Their music can be heard when you turn on the music setting in the game. Just like other music themed titles, you can find virtual stage and crowd enjoying the entertainment.


As a top metal band, Megadeth delivers highly enjoyable songs with a modern twist. The amplifiers, and other elements are truly exciting for patrons who adore the fabulous crew.


Punters love to play themed titles and when it includes themes of their favorite metal crew, the excitement is unsurpassed. Nevertheless, the true attraction will always be the game with its various pay lines and exciting prizes.

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