Carpatus - Malus Ascendant Saturday February 25 2017, 9:59 PM
Carpatus - Malus Ascendant

Carpatus was formed by Dizruptor in 1999, with an agenda to play Black Metal in the style of second wave bands such as Darkthrone, Satyricon and the likes. After a demo in 2001 earned them some notoriety in the local scene, they were signed on to Pazuzu Records, a label run by Brazilian Black Metal stalwarts Ocultan.

In 2003 they released their first full length album called "Out of the Desolation Planet" which showcased their aggressive and obscure style. The album quickly spread through the underground scene, gaining praise from listeners. Their second album "Procellarum" came out in April 2006 which furthered the band's reputation in Brazil, cementing their position as one of the country's best Black Metal acts. However in 2010 the band decided to withdraw back into the shadows, until 2015 when the band announced their return.

Between 2015 and 2016 recording for the new album "Malus Ascendant" was underway with Dizruptor handling all of the vocals & instruments, except for drums which were done by session musician Morbus Deimos. These tracks feature the band at their strongest and most consistent, bringing to mind the classic era of early 90’s Norwegian Black Metal. The attack is intensified by a production quality that maintains the clarity without sacrificing any of the aggression. The album is produced by notable Brazilian underground producer Marcos Cerutti, and was later mastered in Sweden by the legendary Dan Swano.

The album was released worldwide on February 20th 2017 through Black Lion Records, making it the band’s first worldwide release.

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