Behind The Horror - Streaming At Deathrattle Podcast! Tuesday October 20 2020, 5:54 AM
Behind The Horror - Streaming At Deathrattle Podcast!

Behind The Horror - Streaming At Deathrattle Podcast! Check it out below at these links:

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 The Metal combo Behind The Horror is a project of a different kind. Founded by the two brothers Gabriel (guitar) and Lucas (drums) Alves , the band laid the foundation for their musical career with their ep … And The Horror Begins in 2013. It is well known that siblings are similar, but there is one thing the two Alves brothers obviously share : their love of music, to be precise: metal music. Seven years after their debut EP, they deliver their first official full-length with Burn Up This Truth , from which they the single Heroes Die Alone in the form of a lyric video (see above). Thematically, this title is about a socially all-too-well-known phenomenon: that people are solely responsible for their actions and decisions and denounces the cliché that we sometimes have the feeling that everyone agrees with us, whereby Sometimes it turns out that this is often due to our thirst for action, a mechanism that often deceives us. So you finally end it all on your own and realize that you have to walk the path of your life alone anyway, have to stand up for your agenda and - as painful as that sounds - will die alone.

    Heroes Die Alone ends with a really full and powerful sound, which only vaguely announces what Gabriel and Lucas tear off the board just a few moments after the intro. With solid, fast drumming, which complex comes out of the speakers and paves the way for a progressive arrangement of modern Thrash Metal. In verse in the realm of speed, short progressive hooks are compulsory and thus deliver a complex game, which is accompanied by rock-solid guitar work. Behind The Horror succeeds with a good metal track, which is not only characterized by a reasonable arrangement and dexterity, as well as variation, but also makes a lot lyrically and vocally. The Thrash Metal influence is undeniable. This track by the Alves brothers achieves absolute perfection through the rich sound of the production.

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