New Music; Mike Masser - "Let it Ride" Label: Dr. John's Surgery Records U.K Sunday October 18 2020, 3:11 PM
New Music; Mike Masser - "Let it Ride" Label: Dr. John's Surgery Records U.K

“Let it Ride” is the 3rd solo album released by Mike Masser.
 Listeners will enjoy the intense rock instrumentals with the powerful voice of Mike Masser.
The title song on the album (Let it ride) won a WSA (World Songwriting Award) for best rock song winter 2020. 

The album was released in March under Dr. Johns Surgery Records. Rock fans can download the album on streaming platforms.

Mike Masser first came on the music scene as the guitar player in Hand Over Fist in the early 2000s. they released 2 full length albums and an EP, Night Creature, Diablo Del Sol, and Die Trying.
After playing in Hand Over Fist, Mike Masser felt burnt out on everything music related. So he took a step back from it all. After some encouragement from a friend and his wife a decade after hanging it up, Mike decided it was time to get back in. Only this time he’d be putting himself front and center.
he picked his guitar back up. Only this time around he was going to try his hand at being the vocalist as well. He wrote and recorded his solo debut Desert Sun and looks back on it as more like “an experiment” to see if he could do it. “It was meant to be mellow, something out of my wheelhouse. I wanted it to sound like something I’ve never done.”
After realizing that he could, he got to work on his next album, One More Shot. Mike Masser’s sound is rock and roll throughout.
On top of his sophomore solo record, One More Shot, Mike Masser was also working alongside his friend Jeff Watson in a side project Rictus of Rage. Mike notes the EP they’re working on will be harder and darker than his solo releases.
After releasing the Rictus of Rage EP with is co band mate Jeff Watson, Mike found his groove and started to write songs for his new album Let it Ride. It calls back more to Mike’s classic sound. It’s a strait up Hard Rock album that is great from beginning to end.

American Tough
Let It Ride
Tough On Friday
Dogs of War
Run Away
Devil,You Made
The End

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