JELLO BIAFRA Performs TRUMP Version Of 'Nazi Punks F**k Off' With DEAD CROSS (Video) Thursday August 24 2017, 8:35 PM
JELLO BIAFRA Performs TRUMP Version Of 'Nazi Punks F**k Off' With DEAD CROSS (Video)

DEAD CROSS, the Southern California outfit featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, MISFITS) and singer Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE), was joined by DEAD KENNEDYS frontman Jello Biafra on stage last night (Wednesday, August 23) at The UC Theatre in Berkeley, California for a performance of the latter band's classic song "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".

For the special rendition of the track — renamed "Nazi Trumps Fuck Off" — all four members of DEAD CROSS wore black shirts with "Nazi Trumps Fuck Off" printed on the front along with President Donald Trump's face crossed out.

"Two words: Jello. Biafra," Patton told the crowd before the DEAD KENNEDYS legend came out on stage. Biafra said: "Sorry, Mariah Carey was supposed to do this song, but that turned out to be fun with fake news. So… now… more… than… ever… Nazi Trump, fuck off!"

Last November, Biafra weighed in on underdog Donald Trump's stunning upset of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election, saying that "people ran out and voted for somebody that they knew was a liar" and "a thief." In an episode of his "What Would Jello Do?" video series, Biafra stated about the president: "It feels like a really heavy, unexpected death in the family, somebody close to you — only this time it's our country. Almost like coming home from school and finding somebody very close to you just got run down by a drunk driver or something. That that many people ran out and voted for somebody that they knew was a liar, knew was a thief, knew was a rapist, knew was a racist, and they didn't vote for him in spite of all that horrible stuff, and how completely unqualified he is for anything but being a rich buffoon. No, they voted for him because of what he said. They dig the crude, rude dude. The nastiest bully in the whole school, we think he's cool."

Biafra first gained attention as the lead singer and songwriter for San Francisco punk rock band DEAD KENNEDYS. After his time with the band concluded, he took over the influential independent record label Alternative Tentacles, which he had co-founded in 1979 with DEAD KENNEDYS bandmate East Bay Ray. Although now focused primarily on spoken word, he has continued as a musician in numerous collaborations.

Backstage photo credit: Bob Hannam

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