Documentary: "Why the Metallica so great?" Tuesday October 31 2017, 2:51 PM
Documentary: "Why the Metallica so great?"

Another great documentary of the well-known, web TV show HEAVY METAL ONLINE.

Titled with the question "Why the  Metallica so great?", t he channel's newest work, led by presenter Clinger Carlos Teixeira, brings several testimonials focused on the work strategy used by the legendary Metallica and what made this band become a icon on Metal world.

"It's not a documentary that will tell the story of Metallica, as we have many on social networks. We will try to understand why they have become so big and bands of the same generation and as good as they did not get where Metallica has come. " - C omments the creator of the project Carlos Teixeira.

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Interviews: Antônio Celso Barbieri, Ideraldo Maia, Dewindson (Wolfheart), Jairo Guedz (The Mist), Alexandre Melo, Lucas Gurgel, Brian Tatler (Diamond Head), Alisson Zakka, Valcir Chalas (Woodstock Discos) and Cliff Biard.

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