Morthur: New álbum out! Tuesday September 5 2017, 3:36 PM
Morthur: New álbum out!

 MORTHUR's recently released album "Between the Existence and the End" can now be heard and acquired among the world's leading streaming services.

 As a result of a partnership with the SANGUE FRIO RECORDS label, the new debut work has gained a strong digital distribution and since July 1st, 2017 already figured on the platforms listed below, see:

iTunes / Apple Music:
Claro Música:
Tidal / Wimp:
Amazon Music:
Google Play:

 To get the album "Between the Existence And The End" in the physical version and support the MORTHUR visit the official website of the SANGUE FRIO RECORDS by the following link: the-existence-and-the-end.html

The disc can also be purchased directly with the band by email .

 In other news, the group begins closing dates for concerts in support of the aforementioned material. Producers interested in more information write to or and ask for a quote.

Contact for shows and advice:
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Source: Sangue Frio Produções

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