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    Monday August 21 2023, 3:56 PM
    Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2023 - Featured In Ghostcult Mag ! Check it out here at this link: https://ghostcultmag.com/raven-black-books-fall-tour-with-cultus-black-casket-robbery-change-my-brain-with-cakes-and-dying-oath/...
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 3:01 PM
    Embracing a subtle shift in sound, Sirakh, a band hailing from Finland, released their self-released digital single "Let it Go" on the 1st of September, 2023. Paying homage to the quintessential 80's post-punk and goth rock, this single...
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 2:59 PM
    Order "Africa" here: https://spotify.link/0Xx9aHNopDb "I've had the dream of making an extreme metal version of Africa for a long time and I was so stoked to join forces with Eddie (Suicide Silence) and Mike (JFAC live) to make it happen....
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 2:58 PM
    New Haven (CT) - Traditional heavy metal band ENTIERRO have partnered with Invisible Oranges for the lyric video premiere of "The Gates of Hell," the title track from the forthcoming album! Check it out at the following link:...
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 2:55 PM
    Portuguese alternative rock band ALLGEMA is set to release their debut album, "Find The Way Out," on October 12th. Building anticipation for this highly awaited debut, they have just unveiled their second single, "HOME." This track is...
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 2:54 PM
    Sol Negate emerged from the mind of Edoardo Curatolo in Seattle, USA. He had the intention to compose music in a classical manner, but with modern guitars/drums as part of the orchestral ensemble. He wanted to “paint” using the palette that...
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    Wednesday September 27 2023, 2:52 PM
    Ukraine's own Historian is back with a compelling symphony of war and heroism in their latest release, "Total Resistance." This melodic death metal masterpiece, self-released on April 27, 2023, paints vivid sonic pictures of the multifaceted...
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