• Metal Devastation Music Fest News
    Monday August 21 2023, 3:21 PM
    Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2023 - Featured In Decibel Magazine! Check it out below and grab a copy here at this link: https://store.decibelmagazine.com/products/october-2023-228  Get tickets here:...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 5:21 PM
    Gaffed – Die Already - Reviewed By necromance ! check it out https://necromance.eu/gaffed-usa-die-already/ Formed in 1991 under the name BLASPHAMY and after changing the name to RITUAL TORMENT, these Yankees adopted their current name...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 5:16 PM
    Eternal Drak - Interdimensional War Of Satan - Reviewed By bringerofdeathzine ! Check it out https://bringerofdeathzine.blogspot.com/2023/08/eternal-drakinterdimensional-war-of.html   Canada's  Eternal  Drak  has  returned  with  a  new...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 5:12 PM
     DISINTER (USA) - BREAKER OF BONES - Reviewed By bringerofdeathzine ! check it out here http://bringerofdeathzine.blogspot.com/ Disinter  are  a  band  from  Chicago,  Illinois  that  has  been  around  since  the  90's  and  on  this...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 5:09 PM
    Stone of Duna - Moonsplitter - Reviewed By metalstorm ! Check it out here at this link: https://metalstorm.net/pub/review.php?review_id=18886 Considering the amount of stoners that have ranted about the Fibonacci sequence in...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 4:54 PM
    Motherslug - Blood Moon Blues - Reviewed by thoseonceloyal ! Check it out here at this link: https://thoseonceloyal.wordpress.com/2023/09/21/review-motherslug-blood-moon-blues/ Review by Geary of War Motherslug have graced the...
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    Monday October 2 2023, 3:20 PM
    Who will be the winning champion this week on ' MDR Battle Of The Bands' and who will be next months band of the month? Last month 'Erebos ' won Band Of The Month, coming in with 124,345 votes! Check them out HERE ! This is the...
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