London Crust Act DISCORD Return With New EP "POLICE THE POLICE" Sunday February 20 2022, 4:28 PM
London Crust Act DISCORD Return With New EP "POLICE THE POLICE"

POLICE THE POLICE is a brutal four song battering of angry filthy crust. Lyrical topics such as police reformation, political dissidence, and anarchism sit alongside barked vocals, rusty guitars, and subterranean bass. The EP is the first new music front man Weeks has written since becoming ill in December rendering his voice unusable.

"It was a crappy six weeks, but my voice is back and I'm ready to growl, shout, howl, and bark about all the terrible nazi shit happening in the world right now" Weeks opines from his home base in South London. "I've also got new CRONENBERG underway, and a new grind project called JAMIE LEE CURTIS. Later in the year you'll also get a new OLIVIA NEUTERED JOHN EP, so brace for a practically endless stream of ugly music!"

POLICE THE POLICE track listing:

1. Police the Police (02:40)
2. They Drank Wine While Your Nan Died Alone (1:59)
3. Bloody Code (2:34)
4. Parliamentary Gallows (3:18)

POLICE THE POLICE is available Friday on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, and just about anywhere else - but you can listen to the title track today at

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