is your stuff not getting played? Friday January 25 2019, 10:30 PM
is your stuff not getting played?

  Whether you submit to a Podcast, Internet station, or local station the DJ's and/or Stations have certain pet peeves and requirements for submissions.  If the specifications are not met, or instructions are not followed, you may not get your stuff played (or get blackballed all together).  

  NOT taking yourself/band seriously.   I can't speak for any station, including MDR , but I can speak for my own company.  This is one of, if not, the biggest way to get your material blackballed.  If you don't take your music career seriously, why would/should anyone else give you a chance?  I may be a little harsh here, but I work to hard at what I do to get my time wasted on a joke.  There are differences between a satirical band and a band that is just unprofessional.

  Too many billing cities.   It's okay if you are registered to several music platforms such as; Spotify, Badcamp, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc.  In fact, it is encouraged.  However, if you have different billing cities (where you are from) on all of the accounts, that's a problem.  It is extremely unprofessional, and how can I do my part in promoting your music if it's not 100% clear where you are from.

  Tagging and Format.   When Submitting material, be sure to send the correct format and make sure that your material is tagged correctly.  Personally, I will tell any artist or band that contacts me from the get go what is expected when submitting music for my shows.  Typically, if your material is not tagged correctly or send me any other format than what I ask for, I will not ask again.   Nor am I contacting you for the correct information to tag them.

  Ok, I know what you may be thinking.  However, these guidelines are not set because we are picking on you or making you jump through hoops for nothing.  It's because the music industry is a hard business, we try to give everyone a fair shake, but if the are just not willing to work a bit for what they get.  I/We won't waste My/Our time. 

  Quite honestly, it is also to protect you and/or your band against piracy.  Again, I can't speak for other stations, but Metal Devastation Radio (MDR) is required by Streamlicensing to obtain the correct information for all music played.  This is so you get credit and paid royalties for any and all material aired on our station.

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