are you getting your royalties? Sunday January 27 2019, 6:23 PM
are you getting your royalties?

   As I have stated before in my videos, I have been doing this (promoting bands) for a long time.  Since the turn of the century, that's over 19 years to be exact.  Yes, I know, I am old.  I could just feel the eyes bulge on the younger generations as I typed that.


  In the last installment, you may recollect that I mentioned needing the proper information for Streamlicensing purposes and one of those purposes stated was so the artist or band played can get credit or royalties for being played on air.

  Throughout the years, I have come across bands at live shows and via messenger chats that have stated that they have never seen a check/funds from royalties.  Despite uploading to, and, being played on several music platforms (spotify, pandora, iTunes, etc), being played on air, and featured on podcasts.


 I'm not always the best at explaining things.  So, I reached out to our good friend , Theresa Lambe of ResaD Promotions, who represents the Tucson based hard rock powerhouse,  TRIBULANCE.   

  Resa, as we call her, was ready to drop some knowledge on your boy, and spoke about the topic on a personal level.  "Bands have to work hard too. Not just have stuff handed to them. And sadly, it will cost."


  Lambe, went on, and further explained what she meant by the statement, "Well here's the deal... royalties don't just come just 'cause your song is out there. It has to be registered." Which pretty much verified what had been stated in a previous installment of this Blog.  In fact, I asked if my previous statements of "don't get lazy, put some effort into what you are doing," "take your band seriously or no one else will," and "Your band is your brand" were in fact accurate.  Her response was "Yup. Invest in your band."  

  Again pulling from personal dealing with the band she represents, "They get like 2 or 3 cents, maybe even 5 cents per spin. It's not a lot and it's based on the station size. And obviously cutting a check for 5 cents won't work they let it add up. So after like 10 bucks, they'll pay. So it takes a bit to add up." 

  As for the bands that have approached me, she had words for them too, "Chances are, they never signed up. and even if they did if you were the only one playing them, that would take FOREVER to get a check." and went on with advice for bands, "We don't make bank, which is why you want as many stations as you can get."

  I asked if she could state how one goes about registering for royalties, Resa stated, " Sign up through bmi, Songtrust...any type like that. Do a search and see what best fits them."
Some websites to check out are:

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