Leo Fest 5 Friday July 14 2017, 5:19 AM
DJ Elric
Leo Fest 5

So I'm back here again at the wonderful Leo Red Lion a small Rock pub on the outskirts of Gravesend in the middle of nowhere. It's been a few months since the last time I was here for the Sarcoma Fest and It's great to be back.
It's a great set up at the Red Lion you have the normal bar with the venue next door and a stage in the garden if needed. Good beer prices and a reasonable choice. The sound is also good there which is surprising for such a small venue. The only down side is that it is quite a walk from the station and the last trains are ridiculously early, also if you've never been there prepare to get lost like Warlord did last time haha. To be honest though these are small details I like the place
Unfortunately Boss Keloid had to pull out but it was still a killer line up of some great new talent. The times were a little messed up but got to see a lot of bands. First band I saw was:
Really exciting Metalcore band from Stevenage with a transgender frontwoman which is great, I wish there were more people coming out as gay or trans in the Metal world at the end of the day no one gives a fuck and if they do they are dicks. She was all over the place barely on stage and outside at one point great performance. Yes the scene is inundated with metalcore bands but the good ones do stand out.
Definitely the most musically interesting of the bands today. Hailing from Barnet North London these are a real mix bag of Funk, Jazz and Metal with a soulful but powerful singer and an amazing drummer. One's to really listen too not just mosh about. I would like to see the singer up front he was hiding away a bit but minor details, a really good band.
A local band from Gravesend these are a very atmospheric melodic Rock band. Soaring vocals and echo laden guitars these are another band to really listen too. Good stuff
Brighton based band who call themselves Blackened Thrash but to be honest I think they are a more of a Thrashier Metalcore band with the harsh and clean vocals. They came on with black crosses across their face which I didn't think looked all that good and was a bit gimmicky. Having said all that they were good and they got the best crowd reaction of the night with the first mosh pit.
Coming all the way from Chesterfield this band are a pretty slamming Death Metal band with elements of Thrash and Hardcore. Some technical playing too with some neat solo's but pretty much no nonsense face melting Death Metal which is good of course.
As good as all the bands were they all fall by the way side a bit when the mighty Warlord hit the stage. They just have that awesome old school sound that is kind of unique to Birmingham. Ultra low end distortion but huge sounding Death Metal. They have been going since the early 90s and 10 years since they reformed and still going strong. A mix set of old a new with some brand new tracks being showcased. The only downer was the crowd, a lot of bands and their friends had gone home and there was too many people in the bar, they deserved better than that. They had a better crowd here for the Sarcoma Fest but they weren't the headliners this time. Still great show by the boys.
By the time Warlord hit the stage and in my drunken haze I'd lost track of time all I knew is I had to get the train back to London so sorry to Divine Chaos I missed their set. I also missed that last train so a lovely night sleeping rough in Gravesend for me. I now know Gravesend like the back of my hand. Not to worry a great night look forward to the next one

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